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Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee

The General Assembly enacted Session Law 2007-78 on June 5, 2007; it was signed by the Governor on June 14, 2007. This legislation created the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee to oversee formal evaluation of state agency programs by the Program Evaluation Division. The Division functions in partnership with the other Legislative Services Divisions—Administrative, Bill Drafting, Fiscal Research, Information Systems, and Research.

Please visit the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee's home page on the official web site of the North Carolina General Assembly to access the following items from committee meetings:
  • Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Handouts
  • Audio

We also maintain a list of bills introduced during Session.

Report Topic Selection and Biennial Work Plan.  The Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee determines evaluation topics and prepares the official work plan in consultation with the Division Director.  All projects, by law, must stem from the Oversight Committee’s work plan process.  The Division Director may receive requests and review feasibility, but the Committee will have final authority over topic selection.  The Committee approved its first work plan in December 2007.  Future plans will be developed biennially.   

Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Committee (pdf of Members' Photos here)

Senate House
Senator Fletcher Hartsell, Co-Chair Representative Craig Horn, Co-Chair
Senator Stan Bingham Representative Becky Carney
Senator Ben Clark Representative Ted Davis
Senator Don Davis Representative Nelson Dollar
Senator Valerie P. Foushee Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield
Senator Rick Gunn Representative Pat Hurley
Senator Ralph Hise Representative Marvin Lucas
Senator Louis Pate Representative Jason Saine
Senator Shirley B. Randleman Representative Rena Turner
Advisory Members
Senator Jeff Tarte


Program Evaluation Division, North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Office Building, Suite 100
300 North Salisbury Street , Raleigh, NC 27603-5925