NCGA - North Carolina General Assembly
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Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
House Standing Committee
  • Meets Upon Call of the Chairman
  • Bills in Committee: H52, H83, S15
ChairmanRep. Lewis
Vice ChairmanRep. Daughtry
Vice ChairmanRep. Davis
Vice ChairmanRep. Stam
Vice ChairmanRep. Torbett
MembersRep. Blust, Rep. Boles, Rep. Burr, Rep. Carney, Rep. Cotham, Rep. Floyd, Rep. Fraley, Rep. Goodman, Rep. L. Hall, Rep. Hanes, Rep. Hastings, Rep. Jackson, Rep. L. Johnson, Rep. Reives, Rep. Robinson, Rep. Saine, Rep. Schaffer, Rep. Szoka, Rep. Tine