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North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force
Non-Standing Committee
  • Authority: G.S. 7B-1402; SL98-202; SB 1260
  • See the Committee's website for additional information about this Committee including presentations and agendas.
Legislative Members
Rep. Justin P. Burr House Appointment
Rep. Beverly M. Earle House Appointment
Rep. D. Craig Horn House Appointment
Rep. Donny Lambeth House Appointment
Rep. Paul Stam House Appointment
Sen. Austin M. Allran Senate Appointment
Sen. Chad Barefoot Senate Appointment
Sen. Stan Bingham Senate Appointment
Sen. David L. Curtis Senate Appointment
Sen. Don Davis Senate Appointment
Ex Officio Members
Ms. Cindy L. Bizzell Ex Officio
Mr. Wayne Black Ex Officio
Mr. Frank Brown Ex Officio
Ms. Paula Hudson (Collins) Hildebrand Ex Officio
Ms. Stephanie Nantz Ex Officio
Dr. Deborah Radisch, MD Ex Officio
Ms. Susan E. Robinson Ex Officio
Dr. Kevin J. Ryan, MD Ex Officio
Ms. Angenette Stephenson Ex Officio
Ms. Betsy West Ex Officio
Dr. Aldona Zofia Wos Ex Officio
Public Members
Mr. William A. Adkins, II Senate Appointment
Hon. Wallace W. Bradsher, Jr. Senate Appointment
Dr. Elaine Cabinum-Foeller House Appointment
Ms. Elizabeth A. Froehling, JD Senate Appointment
Ms. Martha Sue Hall House Appointment
Ms. Gibbie G. Harris Governor's Appointment
Hon. William H. Keller, III Senate Appointment
Hon. Jennifer J. Knox House Appointment
Mr. George Earl Marett Governor's Appointment
Dr. Martin J. McCaffrey, MD House Appointment
Ms. Karen McLeod House Appointment
Dr. Peter J. Morris, MPH Governor's Appointment
Dr. Sarah B. Verbiest, MSW Governor's Appointment
Sheriff Michael Welch Senate Appointment