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Senate Bills Passed in the Senate
Total Bills: 244
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
S2 Magistrates Recusal for Civil Ceremonies. R 06/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-75
S4 State of the State. R 01/29/2015 Ch. Res 2015-2
S5 Union County Local Act. R 04/27/2015 Ch. SL 2015-10
S6  (= H56) State Health Plan/Rehired Retiree Eligibility. H 03/30/2015 Ref to the Com on State Personnel, if favorable, Appropriations
S7 Food Stand Seating & Outdoor Food Service. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-104
S14 Acad. Standards/Rules Review/Coal Ash/Funds. R 04/13/2015 Ch. SL 2015-7
S15  (= H22) Unemployment Insurance Law Changes. R 09/10/2015 Ch. SL 2015-238
S19  (= H41) Uniform Recording Fees - Register of Deeds. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-86
S20  (= H40) IRC Update/Motor Fuel Tax Changes. R 03/31/2015 Ch. SL 2015-2
S22 Historic Artifact Mgt. and Patriotism Act. R 07/23/2015 Ch. SL 2015-170
S25  (= H36) Zoning/Design & Aesthetic Controls. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-86
S29 County Eugenics Compensation Authority. S 06/14/2016 Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S36 Greensboro City Council Changes. H 03/17/2015 Ref To Com On Elections
S37  (= H19) Waive Tuition/Fallen Officer Was Guardian. R 10/30/2015 Ch. SL 2015-296
S43  (= H319) CDLs for Veterans Revisions. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-115
S46 Jacksonville Occupancy Tax. H 06/30/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S50 Wilson County Occupancy Tax Modification. R 07/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-65
S52 Cities/Means For Activating Parking Meters. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-226
S53  (= H44) Private Alternative Teacher Preparation. S 06/29/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S60 No-Contact Order/No Expiration. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-91
S71 Comm'n Appointment Modifications. S 06/07/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S77 Increase Wilkesboro Firemen's Pension. R 06/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-76
S78 Off-Duty Correctional Officers/Conceal Carry. R 04/09/2015 Ch. SL 2015-5
S82 Vital Records Integrity Act. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-197
S83 Criminal Law/Filing False Document. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-87
S88  (= H403) Pole Attachment Disputes. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-119
S89 Filing by Clerk/Mag. and Clerk Pilot. H 06/20/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S90 Required Number of Operating Brake Lights. R 05/21/2015 Ch. SL 2015-31
S95 Performance-Based RIF/School Policy. H 09/23/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S97  (= H522) State Advisory Council on Indian Education. R 10/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-295
S99 Fire, Rescue, & Safety Worker System Changes. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-88
S101 Omnibus Local Act. S 08/25/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S105 Report No. Veterans Filing Tax Returns. R 07/26/2016 Ch. SL 2016-112
S109  (= H103) Joint Session/State of the Judiciary. R 03/02/2015 Ch. Res 2015-3
S112 Comm. Fishing Courses/Coastal Colleges. R 06/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-63
S114  (= H120) Custodial Parent/Party Cooperate w/Child Supp. R 06/04/2015 Ch. SL 2015-51
S116  (= H170) Handicapped Parking Windshield Placard. R 05/21/2015 Ch. SL 2015-22
S119 GSC Technical Corrections 2015. R 10/01/2015 Ch. SL 2015-264
S120  (= H196) DOI License Processing Fees. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary IV
S123 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. R 05/21/2015 Ch. SL 2015-23
S124 Assumed Bus. Name/IC Contempt/Parks. R 07/18/2016 Ch. SL 2016-100
S127 Personal Services Contracts/PED. H 08/19/2015 Re-ref Com On Appropriations
S132 Columbia Elections/Hope Mills Quick Take. R 07/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-66
S139 Town of Sylva/Parking Ordinances. R 06/10/2015 Ch. SL 2015-60
S140  (= H221) Lake Santeetlah Occupancy Tax Authorization. R 06/22/2015 Ch. SL 2015-102
S141 Waynesville Annexation/Referendum. H 06/28/2016 Re-ref Com On Local Government
S142 Cumberland County Civic Center Commission. R 06/10/2015 Ch. SL 2015-61
S154 Clarifying the Good Samaritan Law. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-94
S156  (= H11) Mt. Gilead Charter Revision & Consolidation. R 09/02/2015 Ch. SL 2015-234
S159 Corrected Reval./Minimal Refunds/Prop. Taxes. R 10/01/2015 Ch. SL 2015-266
S160 Official State Veterans Day Parade. R 06/24/2016 Ch. SL 2016-33
S161  (= H283) Supreme Court Sessions in Morganton. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-89
S162 Honor Dan Simpson, Former Member. R 08/13/2015 Ch. Res 2015-12
S174 Rail Corridor Lease/City of Wilmington. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-120
S176  (= H181) Charter School Grade Level Expansion. H 03/31/2015 Ref To Com On Education - K-12
S181 Wake County Commissioner Districts. R 04/02/2015 Ch. SL 2015-4
S182 Automatic License Plate Readers. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-190
S183 Eliminate CRVs for Misdemeanants. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-191
S185 Clarify Credit for Time Served. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-229
S188 Adjust Cap on Turnpike Projects. H 04/09/2015 Ref To Com On Transportation
S192 Citations/Sheriffs Accept Faxes. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-176
S195 Motor Vehicle Service Agreement Amendments. R 10/22/2015 Ch. SL 2015-283
S199 Funds Deposited with Clerk of Court. R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-216
S211 Damages for Late Payment of Monies/Charters. H 06/02/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary I
S212 Handgun Standards for Retired Sworn LEO. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-105
S215 Abolish Brunswick County Coroner. R 06/29/2016 Ch. SL 2016-46
S218 Franklin/Archdale/Satellite Annexation. R 06/17/2015 Ch. SL 2015-81
S233 Automatic Expunction/Mistaken Identity. R 08/06/2015 Ch. SL 2015-202
S238  (= H187) Stalking by GPS/Criminal Offense. R 10/22/2015 Ch. SL 2015-282
S247  (= H199) Raleigh/Donate Service Animals to Officers. H 06/03/2015 Re-ref Com On Local Government
S248  (= H337) Town of Cary/Release Unneeded Easements. H 09/28/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S249  (= H322) Zoning/Recreational Land Req.-Morrisville. H 07/01/2016 Re-ref Com On Elections
S252 Repeal Clay County Wildlife Exclusion. R 07/20/2015 Ch. SL 2015-155
S255 Durham Voluntary Annexation Petitions. H 06/22/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S256 Durham Voluntary Annexations/Adjacent Streets. R 06/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-82
S258 Party Exec. Comm./Fill Vacancy/Washington Cty. R 09/28/2015 Ch. SL 2015-251
S269 Landlord/Tenant-Alias & Pluries Summary Eject. H 05/27/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary II
S273 Motor Vehicle Tax: Waive Penalties/Interest. R 08/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-204
S279 Amend Qualifications/Practice of Counseling. R 10/20/2015 Ch. SL 2015-279
S284 Infrastructure Assessments/Extend Sunset. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-121
S286 Regulate the Sale of E-Liquid Containers. R 07/08/2015 Ch. SL 2015-141
S288 Amend Laws Regarding Mental Commitment Bars. H 04/29/2015 Ref to the Com on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House, if favorable, Judiciary I
S291 Extend Overnight Respite Pilot Program. R 06/04/2015 Ch. SL 2015-52
S298  (= H536) School Bus Cameras/Civil Penalties. H 08/26/2015 Re-ref Com On Appropriations
S299  (= S194) Port Usage Contracts/Public Records. R 07/08/2015 Ch. SL 2015-142
S301 DOT/Purchase of Contaminated Land.-AB R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-106
S303 Regulatory Reform Act of 2016. H 06/29/2016 Conf Com Appointed
S304 Administration of Logo Sign Program. R 09/10/2015 Ch. SL 2015-239
S305  (= H265) NCEMPA Asset Sale. R 04/02/2015 Ch. SL 2015-3
S311 Register of Deeds/Filing False Marriage Docs. R 06/04/2015 Ch. SL 2015-53
S313 Industrial Hemp. R 10/31/2015 Ch. SL 2015-299
S315 School Playgrounds Available to Public. R 06/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-64
S326 Local Gov'ts/Bldgs/Structures/Inspections. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-122
S327 Allow Prize-Linked Savings Accounts. H 06/27/2016 Re-ref Com On Banking
S330 Change Orders on School Construction Projects. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-58
S332 Register of Deeds-POA Indexing Fees. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-227
S333 Teacher Transition Data. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-126
S334 SBCC Election. R 03/30/2015 Ch. Res 2015-4
S336 Estate Planning/Uniform Trust Code. R 08/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-205
S343 Student Assault on Teacher/Felony Offense. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref to the Com on Children, Youth, and Families, if favorable, Judiciary III
S345 Limit Storage Duration for Damaged Vehicle. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-188
S349  (= H350) Amd Various Laws/Study Golf Course Tax Policy. H 06/29/2016 Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
S359 Promote NC-Thinks. H 04/09/2015 Ref To Com On State Personnel
S363  (= H440) Wage & Hour/Local Gov't Assessments. S 06/24/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S366 Amend Certain Reqs/Permanency Innovation Comm. R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-95
S368 DOD-Certified Child Care & State Subsidy. H 04/28/2015 Ref To Com On Appropriations
S370 E-Signatures/Vehicle Title and Registration. R 10/12/2015 Ch. SL 2015-270
S371 LME/MCO Claims Reporting/Mental Health Amends. H 07/01/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S372 Renewable Energy Safe Harbor. R 04/30/2015 Ch. SL 2015-11
S374 Modify For-Hire License Logbook Requirement. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-201
S378 Increase Punishment/Misd. Death by Vehicle. H 09/09/2015 Conf Com Appointed
S379 Cemeteries Located on State Property. R 10/22/2015 Ch. SL 2015-285
S382 Revision of SB 612. R 06/16/2016 Ch. SL 2016-14
S383 Study/Fund Improvements/Interstate Hwys. H 04/30/2015 Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S386 Registers of Deeds/UCC Recording Fees. R 08/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-206
S387 SBE Confirmations. R 06/29/2016 Ch. Res 2016-21
S391 County Omnibus Legislation. S 09/28/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S399 Joint Agency Tax Refund. R 09/01/2015 Ch. SL 2015-235
S400 School Access for Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts. R 09/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-249
S419 Limit Revolving Door Employment. H 06/30/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S421  (= H406) Military Appreciation Month. R 05/28/2015 Ch. Res 2015-9
S423  (= H407) Foster Care Family Act. R 07/02/2015 Ch. SL 2015-135
S429 Labor/2015 Technical & Conforming Changes. R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-221
S435 Business Court Amendment. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary I
S438  (= H428) Permanent Plates/Charter Schools. H 07/30/2015 Ref to the Com on Transportation, if favorable, Finance
S445 Burt's Law. R 05/26/2015 Ch. SL 2015-36
S446 Dealer Loaners/Unmanned Aircraft/Brunswick Co. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-232
S448  (= H494) Equalize Tax on Propane Used as a Motor Fuel. R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-224
S455 Iran Divestment Act. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-118
S456 Charter School Modifications. H 09/28/2015 Re-ref Com On Appropriations
S462 Public Authorities/Nonprofit Corporations. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-122
S472 Local Incentives for Historic Rehabilitation. R 10/20/2015 Ch. SL 2015-277
S477 Transfer of Bladen Correctional Facility. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-230
S478 In-State Tuition For Certain Vets/Fed Prog. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-116
S480 Uniform Political Activity/Employees. H 04/30/2015 Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S481 Fund Sm Business/DOR Rulings/City Rt of Way. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-103
S482 LLC Clarifications & Emp. Invention Ownership. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-114
S487 Health Choice Technical Revisions.-AB R 06/19/2015 Ch. SL 2015-96
S488  (= H298) Amend Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.-AB R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-117
S491 Manufactured Home Purchase Agreement Change. H 06/29/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S503 Sex Offense With Student/Charter Schools. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary III
S508 Amd. Bail Bond/Coll. Agcy/Crim. Mediat'n Laws. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-107
S513 North Carolina Farm Act of 2015. R 09/30/2015 Ch. SL 2015-263
S519  (= H764) Amend Child Custody Laws. R 10/20/2015 Ch. SL 2015-278
S522 Raise Awareness of Lupus. H 06/30/2015 Re-ref to the Com on Health, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S524 Grad Requirements/Sports Pilot. R 10/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-291
S534  (= H632) 2015 Continuing Budget Authority. R 06/30/2015 Ch. SL 2015-133
S536 Students Know Before You Go & Central Resid. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-57
S541  (= H680) Regulate Transportation Network Companies. R 09/04/2015 Ch. SL 2015-237
S545 Workforce Enrichment/Veterans. R 07/08/2015 Ch. SL 2015-143
S554 School Building Leases. H 06/27/2016 Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S560  (= H767) 2015 Continuing Budget Authority. R 08/13/2015 Ch. SL 2015-214
S561 Funds for Special Education Scholarships. S 09/29/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S566 Disposition of Minimal Property Tax Refunds. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary IV
S570  (= H650) Expand Certificate of Relief & Expunction. H 06/22/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S575  (= H834) NC/SC Original Boundary Confirmation. R 06/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-23
S578 Transition Certain Abuse Investigations/DCDEE. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-123
S581 Study Subdiv. Streets/Traffic Calming Devices. R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-217
S596 Protection Against Unconst. Foreign Judgmnts. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-107
S597 Repeal References to ABCs. R 06/11/2015 Ch. SL 2015-65
S598 Substance-Exposed Newborns Protection Plans. H 07/16/2015 Re-ref Com On Children, Youth, and Families
S600 Appraiser Compensation/Judge Perform Marriage. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-61
S605 Various Changes to the Revenue Laws. S 09/29/2015 Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
S607 Taxpayer Protection Act. H 08/17/2015 Ref to the Com on Finance, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S621 Registration Renewal Notice/E-Mail.-AB R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-108
S647 Amend Trapping Law. H 06/23/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S652 Prohibit Re-Homing of an Adopted Minor Child. H 06/11/2015 Re-ref Com On Judiciary III
S654 Map Act/Clarifications. R 07/16/2015 Ch. SL 2015-151
S661 Private Labs Must Comply with CODIS. H 08/19/2015 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S665 Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits. R 09/01/2015 Ch. SL 2015-236
S667  (= H361) Elections Omnibus Revisions. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-109
S668 Auto Insurance/Allow Optional Enhancements. H 07/15/2015 Re-ref Com On Insurance
S670 Term Limits for BOG Members. R 10/31/2015 Ch. SL 2015-300
S671 DL Restoration/DWI Treatment Court. H 08/19/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
S673  (= H800) Natural Gas Econ. Dev. Infrastructure. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-118
S674 Truck Dealer Cost Reimbursement. H 04/29/2015 Ref to the Com on Judiciary I, if favorable, Finance
S675 Limit Parole Review Frequency. R 08/25/2015 Ch. SL 2015-228
S676 Autism Health Insurance Coverage. R 10/15/2015 Ch. SL 2015-271
S678 Amend Debt Collection Statutes. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-177
S679 NC Consumer Finance Act Amendments. R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-179
S682  (= H542) Modify Sunset Re: Contingent Audits. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-109
S694 Reegan's Rule/Enforce Pharm. Ben. Mgt. R 10/20/2015 Ch. SL 2015-273
S698 Legacy Medical Care Facility/CON Exempt. R 10/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-288
S699 Protect LEO Home Address/Other Information. R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-225
S712 Confirm Director of SBI. R 04/29/2015 Ch. Res 2015-5
S714 Honoring Duke's NCAA Championship. R 05/20/2015 Ch. Res 2015-8
S715 Joint Session to Honor Duke Basketball Team. R 05/18/2015 Ch. Res 2015-7
S716 Mountain Energy Act of 2015. R 06/24/2015 Ch. SL 2015-110
S717 Adjournment Resolution. R 07/02/2015 Ch. Res 2015-11
S718 Honor Harris Blake, Former Senator. R 06/21/2016 Ch. Res 2016-18
S720 Honor World War II Veterans. R 08/19/2015 Ch. Res 2015-13
S721 Adjournment Resolution. R 09/30/2015 Ch. Res 2015-14
S725  (= H945) Unemployment Insurance Technical Changes. R 05/11/2016 Ch. SL 2016-4
S726  (= H973) IRC Update. R 06/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-6
S727 Moore County Local Sales Tax Use Restriction. H 07/01/2016 Conf Com Appointed
S729  (= H974) Various Changes to the Revenue Laws. R 05/11/2016 Ch. SL 2016-5
S733 Certain Towns Sewer Fee Collections. H 06/15/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S734  (= H1000) Statewide Standing Order/Opioid Antagonist. R 06/20/2016 Ch. SL 2016-17
S739 Town of Rolesville/Annexation. R 07/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-67
S747  (= H975) State-Owned Real Property Management/PED. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-119
S748  (= H951) Change Report - Build. & Infrastructure Comm. R 06/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-24
S749 Confirm Lyons Gray/Utilities Commission. R 05/11/2016 Ch. Res 2016-5
S750 Confirm Chris Loutit/Industrial Commission. R 05/11/2016 Ch. Res 2016-6
S770  (= H993) NC Farm Act of 2016. R 07/26/2016 Ch. SL 2016-113
S774 Marvin and Asheboro/Deannexation. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-62
S778  (= H1003) Performance Guarantees/Subdivision Streets. S 06/21/2016 Re-ref Com On Transportation
S787 Stokes County/Local Acts - By Request. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-35
S791 LPA Comm. Contractor Rate Revision & Study. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-120
S792  (= H1036) State IT Contracts/Contractor Liability. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-85
S795 Clay County Courthouse. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-36
S803  (= H1023) Rev Laws Technical, Clarifying, & Admin. Chg. R 07/11/2016 Ch. SL 2016-92
S805  (= H1062) Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-53
S807  (= H1060) Conform Full-payment Check Law to UCC. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-52
S814  (= H1041) Designate State CIO as Secretary of Dept. R 07/18/2016 Ch. SL 2016-96
S815 Charter School in State Health Plan. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-106
S818 Increase the Zero Tax Bracket. H 05/27/2016 Ref to the Com on Appropriations, if favorable, Finance, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S821  (= H1064) GSC Technical Corrections 1. H 07/01/2016 Special Message Sent To Senate
S831 Duplin/Sampson/Detention Contracts/Animals. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-37
S832 Expand 1%/$80 Excise Tax for Ports Equip. H 06/23/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S838  (= H968) Medicaid Transformation Modifications. R 07/28/2016 Ch. SL 2016-121
S848  (= H1053) Cary Charter Amendments. R 07/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-68
S849  (= H1009) Wake Cty Towns Donate Retired Service Animals. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-38
S852 Town of Bakersville/Town of Clyde/Deannex. R 06/30/2016 Ch. SL 2016-63
S853  (= H1120) Honor Former Senator Parmon. R 05/25/2016 Ch. Res 2016-7
S865 State Health Plan/Admin Changes/Local Govts. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-104
S867 Protect Students in Schools. H 07/01/2016 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S872 UNC Self-Liquidating Projects. R 07/18/2016 Ch. SL 2016-97
S874 Sanford/Harnett OT. H 06/30/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S875 Town of Sunset Beach/Deannexation. H 06/28/2016 Re-ref Com On Finance
S878 Jonesville/Boonville/East Bend/Even-Yr Elec'n. H 06/14/2016 Ref To Com On Elections
S880 Abolish Caswell County Coroner. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-39
S881 Union County School Funding. R 06/20/2016 Ch. SL 2016-18
S883  (= H1139) Northampton County/WRC Shooting Ranges. R 06/27/2016 Ch. SL 2016-40
S886  (= H1011) Retirement Amendments. R 07/22/2016 Ch. SL 2016-108
S888 Buncombe School Capital Fund Commission. R 06/21/2016 Ch. SL 2016-19
S890 Elections Every Four Years/Town of Marietta. R 07/01/2016 Ch. SL 2016-69
S891 Honor Lindsay C. Warren, Jr., Former Member. R 06/08/2016 Ch. Res 2016-10
S892 Honor John H. Kerr, III, Former Member. R 06/09/2016 Ch. Res 2016-11
S893 Honor Henson P. Barnes, Former Member. R 06/15/2016 Ch. Res 2016-12
S894 Honor John Jordan, Jr., Former Member. R 06/27/2016 Ch. Res 2016-20
S897 Asheville City Council Districts. HF 07/01/2016 Failed 2nd Reading
S898 2016 Appointments Bill. R 07/02/2016 Ch. SL 2016-70
S902 SBE Confirmation. R 06/30/2016 Ch. Res 2016-22
S903 Adjourn. R 07/01/2016 Ch. Res 2016-23