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Senate Bills Passed in the Senate
Total Bills: 6
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
S2 Magistrates Recusal for Civil Ceremonies. H 02/27/2015 Regular Message Received From Senate
S4 State of the State. R 01/29/2015 Ch. Res 2015-2
S14 Acad. Standards/Rules Review/Coal Ash/Funds. H 02/27/2015 Placed On Cal For 03/02/2015
S15  (= H22) Unemployment Insurance Law Changes. H 02/24/2015 Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S20  (= H40) IRC Update/Motor Fuel Tax Changes. H 02/18/2015 Serial Referral To Appropriations Added
S109  (= H103) Joint Session/State of the Judiciary. H 02/27/2015 Placed On Cal For 03/02/2015