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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 74G: Campus Police Act.

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View Consolidated Chapter [RTF] [PDF]

G.S. 74G-1 74G-1. Title.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-2 74G-2. Policy and scope.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-3 74G-3. Liability insurance policy or certificate of self-insurance required; suspension of campus police agency certification for failure to comply.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-4 74G-4. Powers of Attorney General.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-5 74G-5. Campus police program records.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-5.1 74G-5.1. Campus police agency records.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-6 74G-6. Oaths, powers, and authority of campus police officers.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-7 74G-7. Badges, uniforms, weapons, and vehicles.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-8 74G-8. Minimum standards for campus police officers.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-9 74G-9. Compensation of campus police officers.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-10 74G-10. Expiration, renewal, and termination of agency certification or officer commission.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-11 74G-11. Immunity.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-12 74G-12. Fees.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 74G-13 74G-13. Penalties and enforcement.[RTF] [PDF]