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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 89F: North Carolina Soil Scientist Licensing Act.

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View Consolidated Chapter [RTF] [PDF]

G.S. 89F-1 89F-1. Short title.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-2 89F-2. Purposes.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-3 89F-3. Definitions.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-4 89F-4. North Carolina Board for Licensing of Soil Scientists.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-5 89F-5. Powers and duties of the Board.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-6 89F-6. Corporate, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship practice of soil science.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-7 89F-7. Exemptions.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-8 89F-8. Limitations.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-9 89F-9. Applications.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-10 89F-10. Minimum qualifications.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-11 89F-11. Examinations.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-12 89F-12. Comity.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-13 89F-13. Issuance, renewal, and replacement of licenses.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-14 89F-14. Seals; requirements.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-15 89F-15. Records.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-16 89F-16. Roster of licensed soil scientists.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-17 89F-17. Code of Professional Conduct.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-18 89F-18. Complaints.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-19 89F-19. Prohibitions; unlawful acts.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-20 89F-20. Disciplinary procedures.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-21 89F-21. Reissuance of license.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-22 89F-22. Misdemeanors.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-23 89F-23. Injunctive relief.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-24 89F-24. Legal advisor.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 89F-25 89F-25. Fees.[RTF] [PDF]