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Bills Signed by the Governor by Bill Number

Total Bills: 406
BillShort TitleSignedLast Action
H4UI Fund Solvency & Program Changes.Signed by Gov. 2/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-2 on 02/19/2013
H5Temporary Funding/Group Homes & SCUs.Signed by Gov. 3/6/2013Ch. SL 2013-4 on 03/06/2013
H10Remove Route Restriction for NC 540 Loop.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-94 on 06/12/2013
H14Rev Laws Technical, Clarifying, & Admin. Chg.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-414 on 08/23/2013
H15Various Emergency Management Changes.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-415 on 08/26/2013
H19Respect our Fallen Heroes.Signed by Gov. 3/6/2013Ch. SL 2013-6 on 03/06/2013
H23Digital Learning Competencies/School Emp'ees.Signed by Gov. 3/15/2013Ch. SL 2013-11 on 03/15/2013
H24DV/Abuser Treatment Program/Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-123 on 06/19/2013
H25Amend Felony Breaking or Entering.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-95 on 06/12/2013
H26Strengthen Laws/Vehicle Theft.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-323 on 07/23/2013
H27Escheat Savings Bond Trust Fund/Scholarships.Signed by Gov. 8/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-93 on 08/01/2014
H29Methamphetamine/Offense/Penalties.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-124 on 06/19/2013
H32Increase Year's Allowance.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-81 on 06/12/2013
H44Transition to Digital Learning in Schools. 03/15/2013Ch. SL 2013-12 on 03/15/2013
H56Amend State Contract Review Laws.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-234 on 07/03/2013
H57Child Nutrition Program Solvency and Support.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-235 on 07/03/2013
H60Transfer of Indian Cultural Center Property.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-186 on 06/26/2013
H66Captivity License and Permit Amendments.-ABSigned by Gov. 3/6/2013Ch. SL 2013-3 on 03/06/2013
H74Regulatory Reform Act of 2013.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-413 on 08/23/2013
H75Kilah's Law/Increase Child Abuse Penalties.Signed by Gov. 4/24/2013Ch. SL 2013-35 on 04/24/2013
H77Board of Law Examiners/Update Expense Law.Signed by Gov. 3/13/2013Ch. SL 2013-9 on 03/13/2013
H82IRC Update.Signed by Gov. 3/13/2013Ch. SL 2013-10 on 03/13/2013
H88Lien Agents/Technical Corrections.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-117 on 06/19/2013
H92GSC Technical Corrections 2013.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-410 on 08/23/2013
H101Special License Plate Development Process.Signed by Gov. 8/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-96 on 08/01/2014
H110Public Contracts/Project Labor.Signed by Gov. 7/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-267 on 07/17/2013
H112Modifications/2013 Appropriations Act.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-363 on 07/29/2013
H114No SS# Req/Absolute Divorce.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-93 on 06/12/2013
H119Natural Gas/Rate Adjustment Mechanism.Signed by Gov. 5/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-54 on 05/17/2013
H120Blding Codes: Local Consistency/Exempt Cable.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-118 on 06/19/2013
H122Amend Interlocutory Appeals/Family Law.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-411 on 08/23/2013
H125Public Agency Computer Code Not Public Record.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-96 on 06/12/2013
H135Adjust Landfill Permit Fee Timing.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-408 on 08/23/2013
H137Reward Amt/Arrest of Fugitive From Justice.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-276 on 07/18/2013
H139Adopt Uniform Deployed Parent Cust/Visit. Act.Signed by Gov. 4/16/2013Ch. SL 2013-27 on 04/16/2013
H142Provide Access to Campus Police Records.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-97 on 06/12/2013
H146Back to Basics.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-71 on 06/12/2013
H147Amend Adoption Laws.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-236 on 07/03/2013
H149Caylee's Law/Report Missing Children.Signed by Gov. 5/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-52 on 05/17/2013
H157Limit Use of Highway Fund Credit Balance.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-125 on 06/19/2013
H161Mandatory Retirement Age for Magistrates.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-277 on 07/18/2013
H168Divison of Atty's Fees in Workers' Comp.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-278 on 07/18/2013
H176Charter School Election.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-279 on 07/18/2013
H180Mechanics Liens/Technical Corrections.Signed by Gov. 3/28/2013Ch. SL 2013-16 on 03/28/2013
H183Delay Transfer/Cleveland County Corr. Fac.Signed by Gov. 6/24/2014Ch. SL 2014-19 on 06/24/2014
H192Allow ROW Usage in Central Business Districts.Signed by Gov. 7/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-266 on 07/17/2013
H194Allow PAVE Certification/Veterinary License.Signed by Gov. 7/25/2013Ch. SL 2013-356 on 07/25/2013
H201Building Reutilization for Economic Dev. Act.Signed by Gov. 7/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-90 on 07/30/2014
H209DV Orders/Findings Not Required.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-237 on 07/03/2013
H211Weight Limits/Animal Feed Trucks.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-120 on 06/19/2013
H214Amend Real Estate License Law/Records.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-280 on 07/18/2013
H219Update References/Child Born Out of Wedlock.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-198 on 06/26/2013
H220Designate NC Fragile X Awareness Day.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-238 on 07/03/2013
H223Electric Membership Corps/Member Control.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-187 on 06/26/2013
H230Clarify Read to Achieve/Sch. Perform. Grades.Signed by Gov. 6/10/2014Ch. SL 2014-5 on 06/10/2014
H232State Health Plan/Statutory Changes.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-324 on 07/23/2013
H240Insurance Technical/Clarifying Changes.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-199 on 06/26/2013
H241Blue Monday Shad Fry.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-282 on 07/18/2013
H243Liens/Self-Service Storage Facilities.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-239 on 07/03/2013
H247Freedom to Negotiate Health Care Rates.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-46 on 05/08/2013
H248Taxpayer Debt Information Act.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-200 on 06/26/2013
H249Substitute Teacher Deduction/Personal Leave.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-240 on 07/03/2013
H250Charter School Enrollment & Charter Revisions.Signed by Gov. 7/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-359 on 07/26/2013
H254Zoning Changes/Notice to Military Bases.Signed by Gov. 5/30/2013Ch. SL 2013-59 on 05/30/2013
H255UNC Tuition Surcharge/Advance Notice.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-325 on 07/23/2013
H257Unclaimed Property Program Improvements.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-281 on 07/18/2013
H267Captive Insurance Amendments.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-65 on 07/07/2014
H269Children w/Disabilities Scholarship Grants.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-364 on 07/29/2013
H272DOT/DMV Changes #2.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-108 on 08/06/2014
H276Zoning/Board of Adjustment Changes.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-126 on 06/19/2013
H278HOAs/Voluntary Prelitigation Mediation.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-127 on 06/19/2013
H279Transfer Environmental Permits.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-121 on 06/19/2013
H289State Computer Equipment/Buy Refurbished.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-128 on 06/19/2013
H293Mortgages/S.A.F.E. Act.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-412 on 08/23/2013
H296Omnibus Wildlife Resources Commission Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-283 on 07/18/2013
H301Clarifying Changes/Engineers/Surveyors Laws.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-98 on 06/12/2013
H315Plastics Labeling Requirements.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-74 on 06/12/2013
H317Improve Ed. for Children Who Are Deaf.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-119 on 06/19/2013
H321Amend Local Solid Waste Planning.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-409 on 08/23/2013
H322CDL Requirements/Military Experience.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-201 on 06/26/2013
H327Fire and Rescue Pension Revisions of 2013.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-284 on 07/18/2013
H330Planned Community Act/Declarant Rights.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-57 on 07/07/2014
H331HOAs/Uniform Lien Procedure.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-202 on 06/26/2013
H332Notary Act/Satisfaction of Security Interests.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-204 on 06/26/2013
H333Sex Offender Residency/Regis. Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-205 on 06/26/2013
H336Continuing Budget Authority.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-184 on 06/26/2013
H340Limited Lines Travel Insurance.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-285 on 07/18/2013
H343Courts/Procedure and Fee Amendments.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/30/2013Ch. SL 2013-225 on 06/30/2013
H345Increase Penalties for Misuse of 911 System.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-286 on 07/18/2013
H346Governing Bodies/Collect Unpaid Judgments.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-40 on 06/30/2014
H350Court Improvem't Project Juv Law Changes.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-129 on 06/19/2013
H357Retirement Governance Changes Act of 2013.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-287 on 07/18/2013
H358Retirement Technical Corrections.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-288 on 07/18/2013
H359Retirement Administrative Changes Act of 2013.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-405 on 08/23/2013
H361Justice Reinvestment Technical Corrections.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-101 on 06/12/2013
H362Dept. of Public Safety Changes.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-289 on 07/18/2013
H366NC Farm Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-103 on 08/06/2014
H368Bd. of Agriculture Forestry/Nursery Appts.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-99 on 06/12/2013
H369Criminal Law Changes.Signed by Gov. 9/18/2014Ch. SL 2014-119 on 09/18/2014
H371Chiropractic Assistant Certification/Fee.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-290 on 07/18/2013
H379Amend Veterinary Practice Act/Fees.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-63 on 07/07/2014
H383Amend Grain Dealer Licensing Laws.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-102 on 06/12/2013
H384Amend Definitions/Property Classif./Equ. Dist.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-103 on 06/12/2013
H388Assigned Counsel/Amend and Clarify.-ABSigned by Gov. 5/2/2013Ch. SL 2013-41 on 05/02/2013
H390State IT Governance Changes.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-188 on 06/26/2013
H391Volunteer Service in Retirement.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-291 on 07/18/2013
H396Enact Private Well Water Education Act.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-122 on 06/19/2013
H399Amend Laws Pertaining to DHHS.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-378 on 07/29/2013
H402TRICARE Supplement for Flex Accounts.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-292 on 07/18/2013
H407Trustee-Atty Fee/Foreclosures/Clerk Approval.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-104 on 06/12/2013
H410Cancel Title to Manufactured Home.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-79 on 06/12/2013
H417Modify Internal Auditing Statutes.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-406 on 08/23/2013
H428North Carolina School Bus Safety Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-293 on 07/18/2013
H433Land Use Surrounding Military Installations.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-206 on 06/26/2013
H439Economic Development Jobsites Program.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-130 on 06/19/2013
H449State Contracts/Furniture.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-73 on 06/12/2013
H450Criminal Contempt/Bail Procedure.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-303 on 07/18/2013
H459Chronic Care Coordination Act.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-207 on 06/26/2013
H462Increase Family Court Fee.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-304 on 07/18/2013
H467Breast Density Notification & Awareness.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-321 on 07/23/2013
H473NC Captive Insurance Act.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-116 on 06/19/2013
H474Redeposit Govt. Funds Into Ins. Deposit Acct.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-305 on 07/18/2013
H476Rewrite Underground Damage Prevention Act.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-407 on 08/23/2013
H480Environmental Permitting Reform.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-82 on 06/12/2013
H484Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities.Signed by Gov. 5/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-51 on 05/17/2013
H492Safeguard Qualified Individuals-Medicaid PCS.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-306 on 07/18/2013
H505Extend DSWC Animal Waste Inspections.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-131 on 06/19/2013
H510Foster Care Children's Bill of Rights.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-326 on 07/23/2013
H515Amend Credit Union Laws.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-132 on 06/19/2013
H532No Drinking in EMS & Law Enforcement Vehicles.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-105 on 06/12/2013
H543Guardianship Roles of MHDDSA Providers.Signed by Gov. 7/10/2013Ch. SL 2013-258 on 07/10/2013
H552Remove Area from County Service District.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-402 on 08/23/2013
H558Soil & Water/Regional Jails Refunds.Signed by Gov. 6/24/2014Ch. SL 2014-20 on 06/24/2014
H565Amend Real Estate Appraisers' Laws/Fees.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-403 on 08/23/2013
H573Stormwater Management Fee Uses.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2014Ch. SL 2014-14 on 06/19/2014
H581Trophy Wildlife Sale Permit.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-100 on 06/12/2013
H587Alternate ACT/PLAN for Certain Students.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-208 on 06/26/2013
H589VIVA/Election Reform.Signed by Gov. 8/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-381 on 08/12/2013
H591Reporting and Terms for Long. Data Board.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-80 on 06/12/2013
H597Bail Bondsman/Official Shield.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-209 on 06/26/2013
H610Modify Requirements for In-Stand Beer Sales.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-83 on 06/12/2013
H611Suspension Removed When Eligibility Met.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-133 on 06/19/2013
H614NC Agriculture and Forestry Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-314 on 07/18/2013
H616Transitional Mortgage Loan Originator.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-327 on 07/23/2013
H623Modify Weight Limits for Line Trucks.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-134 on 06/19/2013
H625Zoning/Health Care Structure.Signed by Gov. 8/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-94 on 08/01/2014
H626Notify Law Enforcement of Towed Vehicles.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-241 on 07/03/2013
H628Protect/Promote Locally Sourced Bldg. Mtrl's.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-242 on 07/03/2013
H629Amend Definition of Special Purpose Project.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-135 on 06/19/2013
H635Involuntary Commitment Custody Orders.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-308 on 07/18/2013
H636Creek Name Change.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-328 on 07/23/2013
H641Amend Conditional Discharge/1st Drug Offense.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-210 on 06/26/2013
H644Prevent Hazardous Drug Exposure.Signed by Gov. 7/22/2014Ch. SL 2014-76 on 07/22/2014
H646Airports Exempt From Local Tree Ordinances.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-331 on 07/23/2013
H649Small Group Health Ins. Technical Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/25/2013Ch. SL 2013-357 on 07/25/2013
H650Guaranty Association Act Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-136 on 06/19/2013
H652Modify Judicial Discipline.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-404 on 08/23/2013
H656Forfeiture for Speeding to Elude Revisions.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-243 on 07/03/2013
H662Limited License/Install Backflow Assemblies.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-332 on 07/23/2013
H664Cell Tower Deployment Act.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-185 on 06/26/2013
H675Amend Pharmacy Laws.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-379 on 07/29/2013
H683Commonsense Consumption Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-309 on 07/18/2013
H684Increase Driveway Safety on Curvy Roads.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-137 on 06/19/2013
H686NC Seafood Park/Name Change.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-211 on 06/26/2013
H687Homeless Shelters/Remove Age Limits.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-77 on 06/12/2013
H688Amend Continuing Ed Req's/Cert. Well K'ors.Signed by Gov. 5/29/2014Ch. SL 2014-2 on 05/29/2014
H692Amend Predatory Lending Law.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-399 on 08/23/2013
H698Background Checks for Firefighters.Signed by Gov. 6/25/2014Ch. SL 2014-27 on 06/25/2014
H700Omnibus State IT Governance Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-329 on 07/23/2013
H701IT Purchasing/Convenience Contracts.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-333 on 07/23/2013
H706Preserve Landfill Space.Signed by Gov. 5/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-55 on 05/17/2013
H707Ensure Safe Navigation Channels.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-138 on 06/19/2013
H710Water Utility Recovery.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-106 on 06/12/2013
H712Clarifying Changes/Special Ed Scholarships.Signed by Gov. 7/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-49 on 07/01/2014
H727Alt. Procedure for Obtaining Salvage Title.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-400 on 08/23/2013
H743UI Laws Administrative Changes.Signed by Gov. 6/27/2013Ch. SL 2013-224 on 06/27/2013
H754Lease Purchase of Real Property/Comm. Coll.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-310 on 07/18/2013
H762Amend Certain Bail Bond Procedures.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-139 on 06/19/2013
H763Allow Alimony/Post Sep Supp During Marriage.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-140 on 06/19/2013
H765Jury Instructions for School Budget Dispute.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-141 on 06/19/2013
H767Corporal Pruitt Rainey Brass to Class Act.Signed by Gov. 7/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-268 on 07/17/2013
H774Building Code Exclusion/Primitive Structures.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-75 on 06/12/2013
H777Sex Offender/Expand Residential Restrictions.Signed by Gov. 6/24/2014Ch. SL 2014-21 on 06/24/2014
H783Pyrotechnics Technical and Conforming Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-275 on 07/18/2013
H784Worthless Check/Present Cashed Check.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-244 on 07/03/2013
H785Cost-Sharing/Transportation Improvements.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-245 on 07/03/2013
H788Water/Sewer Authority/Rate Flexibility.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-107 on 06/12/2013
H789USTs Eligible for Brownfields.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-108 on 06/12/2013
H796Exempt Certain Columbariums/Cemetery Act.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-335 on 07/23/2013
H802Landlord/Tenant/Shorten Eviction Time.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-334 on 07/23/2013
H813Ban Synthetic Cannabinoids.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-109 on 06/12/2013
H816Tobacco Growers Assessment Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-311 on 07/18/2013
H817Strategic Transportation Investments.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-183 on 06/26/2013
H821Triad Farmers Mkt/Rename for Sen. Bob Shaw.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-84 on 06/12/2013
H828Update Physical Therapy Practice Act.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-312 on 07/18/2013
H829Sale of Growlers by Certain ABC Permittees.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-76 on 06/12/2013
H830Adopt State Symbols.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-189 on 06/26/2013
H832Expand Pharmacists' Immunizing Authority.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-246 on 07/03/2013
H834Modern State Human Resources Management/RTR.Signed by Gov. 8/21/2013Ch. SL 2013-382 on 08/21/2013
H850Possession of Needles/Tell Law Officer.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-147 on 06/19/2013
H857Public Contracts/Construction Methods/DB/P3.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-401 on 08/23/2013
H868Resid. School Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-247 on 07/03/2013
H879Grand Jurors/Service.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-148 on 06/19/2013
H884Dropout Prev./Recovery Pilot Charter School.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-104 on 08/06/2014
H891Exploitation of Srs/Freeze Defendant's Assets.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-203 on 06/26/2013
H892No Fiscal Note for Rule Repeal.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-149 on 06/19/2013
H894Source Water Protection Planning.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-41 on 06/30/2014
H895UNC/MAHEC/Honor Rep. Mary Nesbitt.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-273 on 07/18/2013
H895UNC/MAHEC/Honor Rep. Mary Nesbitt.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-273 on 07/18/2013
H895UNC/MAHEC/Honor Rep. Mary Nesbitt.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-273 on 07/18/2013
H903UNC & Comm. College Credit Transfers.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-72 on 06/12/2013
H917Adopt Dublin Peanut Festival.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-313 on 07/18/2013
H936Wildlife Poacher Reward Fund.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-380 on 07/29/2013
H937Amend Various Firearms Laws.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-369 on 07/29/2013
H980Medicaid/2012-2013 Additional Appropriations.Signed by Gov. 5/30/2013Ch. SL 2013-56 on 05/30/2013
H982Modify Medicaid Subrogation Statute.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-274 on 07/18/2013
H998Tax Simplification and Reduction Act.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-316 on 07/23/2013
H1025DOT/DMV Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-58 on 07/07/2014
H1031NC Econ. Dev. Partnership Modifications.Signed by Gov. 6/24/2014Ch. SL 2014-18 on 06/24/2014
H1033Special Assessment/Dam Repair.Signed by Gov. 7/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-89 on 07/30/2014
H1034Volunteer Fire and Rescue Finances (PED).Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-64 on 07/07/2014
H1043Prequalification Update.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-42 on 06/30/2014
H1048AG Selection Criteria/NCNG Amendments.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-106 on 08/06/2014
H1050Omnibus Tax Law Changes.Signed by Gov. 5/29/2014Ch. SL 2014-3 on 05/29/2014
H1052Adjust the Utility Regulatory Fee.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-59 on 07/07/2014
H1060Military Student Identifier.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2014Ch. SL 2014-15 on 06/19/2014
H1103Verification/Jurisdiction in Juvenile Cases.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2014Ch. SL 2014-16 on 06/19/2014
H1117Conform Pledge of Joint Account Laws.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-61 on 07/07/2014
H1133Technical and Other Corrections.Signed by Gov. 8/11/2014Ch. SL 2014-115 on 08/11/2014
H1139State Nat. & Hist. Pres. Adds & Dels.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-62 on 07/07/2014
H1145Registration for Mopeds.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-114 on 08/06/2014
H1182UNC Nonappropriated Capital Projects.Signed by Gov. 7/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-60 on 07/07/2014
H1193Retirement Technical Corrections Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 8/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-97 on 08/01/2014
H1194Retirement Admin. Changes Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-112 on 08/06/2014
H1195Fiscal Integrity/Pension-Spiking Prevention.Signed by Gov. 7/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-88 on 07/30/2014
H1220Hope 4 Haley and Friends.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2014Ch. SL 2014-53 on 07/03/2014
S3JMAC Modifications.Signed by Gov. 9/13/2014Ch. SL 2014-118 on 09/13/2014
S4No N.C. Exchange/No Medicaid Expansion.Signed by Gov. 3/6/2013Ch. SL 2013-5 on 03/06/2013
S8Increase Fine for Vehicle Removal.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-190 on 06/26/2013
S9Utilities/Design/Survey Location Services.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-142 on 06/19/2013
S11Establish Organ Donation Month.Signed by Gov. 4/9/2013Ch. SL 2013-22 on 04/09/2013
S14Increase Access To Career/Technical Ed.Signed by Gov. 2/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-1 on 02/18/2013
S18Amend Locksmith License Act/Raise Fee Ceiling.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-370 on 07/29/2013
S20Good Samaritan Law/Naloxone Access.Signed by Gov. 4/9/2013Ch. SL 2013-23 on 04/09/2013
S24Construction/Demolition Landfill Siting.Signed by Gov. 4/9/2013Ch. SL 2013-25 on 04/09/2013
S25Hunting & Fishing/Active Duty Military.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-191 on 06/26/2013
S33Use of Criminal History Records by Lic. Bds.Signed by Gov. 4/9/2013Ch. SL 2013-24 on 04/09/2013
S36APA Technical/Clarifying Chges.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-143 on 06/19/2013
S42Confidentiality of UC Information.Signed by Gov. 8/25/2014Ch. SL 2014-117 on 08/25/2014
S43Study Savings for Administration of Claims.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-336 on 07/23/2013
S44Workers Comp Coverage/Public Records.Signed by Gov. 4/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-20 on 04/03/2013
S45Incapacity to Proceed Amendments.Signed by Gov. 4/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-18 on 04/03/2013
S50Discharged Veterans/Identity Theft Protection.Signed by Gov. 3/28/2013Ch. SL 2013-15 on 03/28/2013
S58Clarify Statute of Repose.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-44 on 06/30/2014
S71Amend Irrigation Contractors Licensing Laws.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-383 on 08/23/2013
S72Amend UCC Article 4A/Funds Transfers.Signed by Gov. 3/22/2013Ch. SL 2013-14 on 03/22/2013
S73Local Workforce Dev./Dislocated Workers.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-330 on 07/23/2013
S76Domestic Energy Jobs Act.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-365 on 07/29/2013
S83Encourage Volunteer Care in Free Clinics.Signed by Gov. 5/13/2013Ch. SL 2013-49 on 05/13/2013
S84Cancel Aircraft Lien W/Surety Bond Deposit.Signed by Gov. 3/28/2013Ch. SL 2013-17 on 03/28/2013
S91Prohibit Expunction Inquiry.Signed by Gov. 5/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-53 on 05/17/2013
S97Property Tax/Deannexation.Signed by Gov. 4/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-19 on 04/03/2013
S98Require Pulse Oximetry Newborn Screening.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-45 on 05/08/2013
S103Amend Assessments for Infrastructure Needs.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-371 on 07/29/2013
S105Add Towns to SHP.Signed by Gov. 7/22/2014Ch. SL 2014-75 on 07/22/2014
S117Lily's Law.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-47 on 05/08/2013
S122Sex Trafficking/Sex Offender Registration.Signed by Gov. 4/24/2013Ch. SL 2013-33 on 04/24/2013
S123Clarify Sex Offender Residence Law.Signed by Gov. 4/16/2013Ch. SL 2013-28 on 04/16/2013
S124Shoot Gun Inside/To Incite Fear.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-144 on 06/19/2013
S129Limit State Facilities Finance Act Debt.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-78 on 06/12/2013
S132Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-307 on 07/18/2013
S137Prohibit Co-pay Waiver/Medicaid Providers.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-145 on 06/19/2013
S140Financial Exploitation of Older Adults.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-337 on 07/23/2013
S148Exempt Certain Steel Tubing/Electrical K'ors.Signed by Gov. 4/24/2013Ch. SL 2013-36 on 04/24/2013
S151Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-384 on 08/23/2013
S156Clarify LEC Procedures/TC.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-146 on 06/19/2013
S159Require Certain General Reappraisals.Signed by Gov. 7/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-362 on 07/26/2013
S163Reclaimed Water as a Source Water.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-113 on 08/06/2014
S168Clarify Education Reporting Requirements.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-226 on 07/03/2013
S174Disapprove Industrial Commission Rules.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-294 on 07/18/2013
S175Banking Laws Clarifications/Corrections.Signed by Gov. 4/16/2013Ch. SL 2013-29 on 04/16/2013
S182Limit Appeals to Superior Court.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-385 on 08/23/2013
S189Amend Law Defining Home Schools.Signed by Gov. 5/30/2013Ch. SL 2013-57 on 05/30/2013
S193Modify P3 Ethics Reporting Requirements.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-109 on 08/06/2014
S200Extend Time For Forensic Accreditation.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-338 on 07/23/2013
S205Eliminate Unnecessary Testing/Animal Waste.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-228 on 07/03/2013
S207Maintaining Water & Sewer Fiscal Health.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-150 on 06/19/2013
S208Effective Operation of 1915(b)/(c) Waiver.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-85 on 06/12/2013
S210Authorize Chief Magistrates.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-89 on 06/12/2013
S211Cities/Public Nuisance Notice.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-151 on 06/19/2013
S222Revise Controlled Substances Reporting.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-152 on 06/19/2013
S223Severance & Relocation For Area Directors.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-339 on 07/23/2013
S228HOAs/Lim. Com. Elements/Amend of Declaration.Signed by Gov. 4/24/2013Ch. SL 2013-34 on 04/24/2013
S231Modify Duties/Advisory Council on Indian Educ.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-295 on 07/18/2013
S234Hunter Education/Apprentice Permit.Signed by Gov. 6/4/2013Ch. SL 2013-63 on 06/04/2013
S239Amend NC Business Corporation Act.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-153 on 06/19/2013
S240Develop Rules for Release of Path Materials.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-43 on 05/08/2013
S248Choice of Hearing Aid Specialist.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-296 on 07/18/2013
S252Increase Penalty/Controlled Substance Crimes.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-90 on 06/12/2013
S264Abate Nuisances/Drug Sales From Stores.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-229 on 07/03/2013
S279Estates/Trusts/Guardianship Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-91 on 06/12/2013
S280DCR/Historic Sites/Fees.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-297 on 07/18/2013
S285DWI Cases/No ILAC Required.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-194 on 06/26/2013
S294Allow Use of DOT Stormwater BMPs.Signed by Gov. 5/29/2014Ch. SL 2014-1 on 05/29/2014
S305DMV Commission Contract Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-372 on 07/29/2013
S306Capital Punishment/Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-154 on 06/19/2013
S315Municipal Services.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-386 on 08/23/2013
S316Pretrial Release/Rebuttable Presumption.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-298 on 07/18/2013
S321Inmate Costs/Ct.Appt./Notaries.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-387 on 08/23/2013
S336Collaboration Among State Diabetes Programs.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-192 on 06/26/2013
S337NC Charter School Advisory Board.Signed by Gov. 7/25/2013Ch. SL 2013-355 on 07/25/2013
S341Amend Interbasin Transfer Law.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-388 on 08/23/2013
S344Vintage Auto Inspections.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-349 on 07/23/2013
S353Health and Safety Law Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-366 on 07/29/2013
S354Revise Auditor's Responsibilities.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-373 on 07/29/2013
S358Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-193 on 06/26/2013
S368County/Sheriff Fee Changes/Felony Escape.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-389 on 08/23/2013
S369Name Change Requirements for Minors.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-42 on 05/08/2013
S370Respect for Student Prayer/Religious Activity.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2014Ch. SL 2014-13 on 06/19/2014
S372Omnibus County Legislation.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-340 on 07/23/2013
S376Montgomery Co. Employees in State Health Plan.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-105 on 08/06/2014
S377Suspend Truck Inspection/Severe Weather.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-230 on 07/03/2013
S378Assess Propane Dealers/Distributors.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-299 on 07/18/2013
S379Exp. of Natural Gas & Propane for Agriculture.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-367 on 07/29/2013
S381State to Convey Gates Correctional Facility.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-374 on 07/29/2013
S386Board of Agriculture Swine Appt.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-342 on 07/23/2013
S387Forest Service Changes/Bedding Law ROE.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-155 on 06/19/2013
S399Criminal Defendant May Waive Jury Trial.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-300 on 07/18/2013
S402Appropriations Act of 2013.Signed by Gov. 7/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-360 on 07/26/2013
S403Omnibus Election Clarifications.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-111 on 08/06/2014
S406Repeal Laws Denied Section 5 Preclearance.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-343 on 07/23/2013
S407Electronic Vehicle Lien/Title.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-341 on 07/23/2013
S409Assess Costs/Restraining Orders.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-390 on 08/23/2013
S411Ethics Requirements for MPOs/RPOs.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-156 on 06/19/2013
S420UI Laws Administrative Changes.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-391 on 08/23/2013
S430Clarify Electric Load Control Process.Signed by Gov. 5/30/2013Ch. SL 2013-58 on 05/30/2013
S433Prevent Pay for Weight Exceeding Allowance.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-92 on 06/12/2013
S439Amend & Restate NC Limited Liability Co. Act.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-157 on 06/19/2013
S443Disposition of Abandoned Firearms.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-158 on 06/19/2013
S444UNC/Cherokee Language.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-322 on 07/23/2013
S452Jurisdictional Amts/Arbitration/Sm Claims Ct.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-159 on 06/19/2013
S454Registration of Petroleum Device Technicians.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-344 on 07/23/2013
S455Increased Penalty/Seed Law Violations.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-345 on 07/23/2013
S456Designate Primary Stroke Centers.Signed by Gov. 5/8/2013Ch. SL 2013-44 on 05/08/2013
S460Rail Corridor Lease/City of Belmont.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-86 on 06/12/2013
S461CDL Changes.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-195 on 06/26/2013
S463Jail Dormitory Minimum Standards.Signed by Gov. 6/24/2014Ch. SL 2014-22 on 06/24/2014
S465Prohibit Use of Tax Zapper Software.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-301 on 07/18/2013
S468Align Inspections W/Installer Licensing.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-160 on 06/19/2013
S470No Beer/Wine if Permit Revoked or Suspended.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-392 on 08/23/2013
S473Health Cost Transp/Speaker and PPT Standing.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-393 on 08/23/2013
S477No Set Fee/Noncovered Vision Services.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-43 on 06/30/2014
S480UNC Capital Improvement Projects.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-394 on 08/23/2013
S485UNC/Report/E-Commerce/Improvements.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-375 on 07/29/2013
S486Pertussis Education & Awareness.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-161 on 06/19/2013
S488Amend Nursing Home Administrator Act/Fees.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-346 on 07/23/2013
S489Consumer Finance Act Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-162 on 06/19/2013
S490Exclude Custom Software from Property Tax.Signed by Gov. 7/10/2013Ch. SL 2013-259 on 07/10/2013
S494Community Service/Post-Release Supervision.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-196 on 06/26/2013
S505Clarify Agricultural Zoning.Signed by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-347 on 07/23/2013
S515Jordan Lake Water Quality Act.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-395 on 08/23/2013
S520WC/Record Full IC Hearings.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-163 on 06/19/2013
S528Clarify Petit Juror Oath.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-164 on 06/19/2013
S528Clarify Petit Juror Oath.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-164 on 06/19/2013
S530Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales to Minors.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-165 on 06/19/2013
S539Jury List/Date of Birth Information.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-166 on 06/19/2013
S542Drug Testing For LTC Applicants & Employees.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-167 on 06/19/2013
S545Master Meters/Landlord-Tenant Agreement.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-168 on 06/19/2013
S547Energy Savings Contracting Amendments.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-396 on 08/23/2013
S553LME/MCO Enrollee Grievances & Appeals.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-397 on 08/23/2013
S558Treasurer's Investments.Signed by Gov. 8/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-398 on 08/23/2013
S568Bioptic Lenses for Drivers License Tests.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-231 on 07/03/2013
S571Authorize Various Special Plates.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-376 on 07/29/2013
S574Groundwater Contamination/Modify Response.Signed by Gov. 6/20/2014Ch. SL 2014-17 on 06/20/2014
S583Metal Theft Statute Amendments.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-169 on 06/19/2013
S584Amend False Liens Law.Signed by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-170 on 06/19/2013
S603Clarify Issuance of Plates/Certificates Law.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-87 on 06/12/2013
S613Create Military Affairs Commission.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-227 on 07/03/2013
S614Military Lands Protection Act.Signed by Gov. 7/22/2014Ch. SL 2014-79 on 07/22/2014
S626Recodify Animal Shelter Law.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-377 on 07/29/2013
S630Evidence & DNA Expunction Laws.-ABSigned by Gov. 6/19/2013Ch. SL 2013-171 on 06/19/2013
S634Increase Penalties/Utilities Theft.Signed by Gov. 6/12/2013Ch. SL 2013-88 on 06/12/2013
S635Transmission Line Ownership.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-232 on 07/03/2013
S638NC Farm Act of 2013.Signed by Gov. 7/17/2013Ch. SL 2013-265 on 07/17/2013
S639Bd. of Agriculture Modifications.Signed by Gov. 6/26/2013Ch. SL 2013-197 on 06/26/2013
S648NC Commerce Protection Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-110 on 08/06/2014
S659MAP 21 Conforming Revisions.-ABSigned by Gov. 7/23/2013Ch. SL 2013-348 on 07/23/2013
S683Safe Harbor/Victims of Human Trafficking.Signed by Gov. 7/29/2013Ch. SL 2013-368 on 07/29/2013
S712ID Card for Homebound Persons.Signed by Gov. 7/3/2013Ch. SL 2013-233 on 07/03/2013
S717MV Safety Inspector/MV Licensing Law Changes.Signed by Gov. 7/18/2013Ch. SL 2013-302 on 07/18/2013
S719Student Organizations/Rights & Recognition.Signed by Gov. 6/25/2014Ch. SL 2014-28 on 06/25/2014
S734Regulatory Reform Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 9/18/2014Ch. SL 2014-120 on 09/18/2014
S744Appropriations Act of 2014.Signed by Gov. 8/7/2014Ch. SL 2014-100 on 08/07/2014
S761Credit for Military Training.Signed by Gov. 7/10/2014Ch. SL 2014-67 on 07/10/2014
S773Implement GSC Recommendations.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-107 on 08/06/2014
S786Energy Modernization Act.Signed by Gov. 6/4/2014Ch. SL 2014-4 on 06/04/2014
S790Cape Hatteras/Gas Cities/Infrastructure Land.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-39 on 06/30/2014
S793Charter School Modifications.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-101 on 08/06/2014
S794Disapprove Industrial Commission Rules.Signed by Gov. 7/22/2014Ch. SL 2014-77 on 07/22/2014
S797911 Board/Back-up PSAP.Signed by Gov. 7/9/2014Ch. SL 2014-66 on 07/09/2014
S812Replace CCSS w/NC''s Higher Academ. Standards.Signed by Gov. 7/22/2014Ch. SL 2014-78 on 07/22/2014
S815Ensuring Privacy of Student Records.Signed by Gov. 7/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-50 on 07/01/2014
S853Business Court Modernization.Signed by Gov. 8/6/2014Ch. SL 2014-102 on 08/06/2014
S871Raleigh/Durham/Deannexation/Annexation.Signed by Gov. 6/30/2014Ch. SL 2014-47 on 06/30/2014
S877Exempt Time Shares/Rule Against Perpetuities.Signed by Gov. 8/5/2014Ch. SL 2014-99 on 08/05/2014
S883Mitigation Buffer Rule/Wastewater Treatment.Signed by Gov. 8/1/2014Ch. SL 2014-95 on 08/01/2014