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21st Century Transportation Committee (2007 )
Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee, Joint
Adult Care Homes Sub of Blue Ribbon Comm on Transitions to Comm Living
Age of Juvenile Offenders (LRC)(2011)
Aging, NC Study Commission on
Agriculture and Forestry Awareness Study Commission
Alcoholic Beverage Control, Joint Study Committee on
Arts Education Commission (2011)
Arts Education, Joint Select Committee on - 2008
Blue Ribbon Commission on Transitions to Community Living
Blue Ribbon Commission to Study the Building and Infrastructure Needs of the State
Blue Ribbon TF on State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees
Career and Technical Education Committee (LRC)(2011)
Child Obesity Task Force
Commerce and Job Development Sub on Military and Agriculture
Committee on Civilian Credit for Military Training and State Adjutant General Selection Criteria (LRC)(2013)
Committee on Common Core State Standards (LRC)(2013)
Committee on Cultural and Natural Resources (LRC)(2013)
Committee on Jordan Lake (LRC)(2013)
Committee on Onmibus Foster Care and Dependency (LRC)(2013)
Comprehensive Rail Service Plan for NC, House Sel Comm on a (2009)
Consolidation of Early Childhood Education and Care
Digital Learning Environments in Public Schools (LRC)(2011)
Drivers Education Requirements Committee
Dropout Prevention and High School Graduation, JLC on
Economic Development Incentives, Joint Select Committee on (2007-2008)
Economic Recovery, House Select Committee on (2009)
Economic Recovery, Select Committee on
Education Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative
Efficiencies in State Government Committee
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Recovery, Jt Sel Com on
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Mgt Recovery, Jt Study Comm (2006)
Employee Hospital and Medical Benefits, Committee on
Energy Policy Issues Committee (LRC)(2011)
Energy, Science and Technology, Select Committee on
Environmental Review Commission
Ex-Offender Reintegration, Joint Select Committee on
Finance Committee, Interim Joint House and Senate
Global Climate Change, Legislative Commission on
Global Engagement, Joint Select Committee on
Government Performance Audit Committee II
Governmental Operations, Joint Legislative Commission on
Health Care Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative
Health Care Provider Practice Committee (LRC)(2013)
High Speed Internet in Rural and Urban Areas, House Sel Comm on (2009)
High Speed Internet in Rural Areas, House Select Com on (2009)
Higher Education Bond Oversight Committee
Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs
House Appropriations
House Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources
House Appropriations, Capital
House Appropriations, Education
House Appropriations, General Government
House Appropriations, Health and Human Services
House Appropriations, Information Technology
House Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety
House Appropriations, Transportation
House Commerce and Job Development
House Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2009)
House Committee on Banking Law Amendments (2013)(LRC)
House Committee on Food Desert Zones (LRC)(2013)
House Committee on Land Development (LRC)(2013)
House Committee on Mechanics Liens and Leasehold Improvements (LRC)
House Committee on Property Owner Protection and Rights (LRC)(2013)
House Committee on Public Enterprise Systems and Use of Funds (LRC)(2013)
House Committee on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (LRC)(2013)
House Committee on Wetland and Stream Mitigation (LRC)(2013)
House Elections
House Elections
House Environment
House Finance
House Finance
House Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs
House Judiciary IV
House Public Utilities
House Regulatory Reform
House Science and Technology (2005-2006)
House Select Com Investigate Handling-CTS Contamination-Buncombe Co.
House Select Committee on Agricultural Regulations
House Select Committee on Certificate of Need Process
House Select Committee on Childhood Obesity
House Select Committee on E-Procurement
House Select Committee on Early Childhood Education Improvement
House Select Committee on Education Reform
House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Alternative Fuel
House Select Committee on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
House Select Committee on Homeowners Associations (2009)
House Select Committee on Homeowners Associations (2011-2012)
House Select Committee on Legacy Costs from the SHP, Pensions, ESC
House Select Committee on Methamphetamine Abuse
House Select Committee on Public-Private Partnerships
House Select Committee on the Regulatory Authority and Operations of the NC Wildife Resources Commission
House Select Committee on the State's Role in Immigration Policy
House Select Committee on Unemployment Fraud Task Force
House Study Committee on Education Innovation (2013)
House Transportation
House Unemployment Fraud Task Force
House Ways and Means/Broadband Connectivity (2009)
Housing Sub of Blue Ribbon Comm on Transitions to Community Living
In-Home and Community Based Mental Health Services for Youth
Incapacity to Proceed Committee
Information Technology, Joint Select Committee on
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations on Education
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations on Gen Gov
Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy
Joint Legislative Committee on Local Government
Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee
Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on HHS, MH Services Subcommittee
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice & Public Safety
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance
Joint Legislative Task Force on Diabetes Prevention and Awareness
Joint Legislative Workforce Development System Reform Oversight Comm
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations on HHS
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations on JPS
Joint Meetings of House and Senate Appropriations on Transportation
Joint Meetings of House Appropriations ANER and Senate Appropriations NER
Joint Regulatory Reform Committee
Joint Study Committee on the Affordable Care Act and Implementation Issues (2013)
Jt. Leg Study Comm on the Modernization of North Carolina Banking Laws
Jt. Leg. Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Comm.
Judicial Efficiency and Effect. Admin. of Justice, House (LRC)(2013)
Judiciary II
Legislative Ethics Committee
Legislative Research Commission
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Committee (LRC)(2011)
Lottery Oversight Committee
LRC Comm on the Assessment of Reg and Non-Reg Industry Utility Fees
Marine Fisheries Committee (LRC)(2011)
Market Based Solutions and Elimination of Anti-Competitive Practices
Mechanics Lien on Real Property Committee (LRC)(2011)
Metropolitan Sewerage/Water System Committee (LRC)(2011)
MH-DD-SAS, Joint Legislative Oversight Committee for
Municipal Power Agency Relief Committee
NC Zoological Park Funding and Organization Study Committee
North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force
North Carolina Courts Commission
North Carolina Educator Effectiveness and Compensation Task Force
North Carolina General Statutes Commission
Offshore Energy Exploration, Advisory Subcommittee on
Pathological Materials Committee (LRC)(2011)
Permanency Innovation Initiative Oversight Committee
Program Evaluation Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative
Property Insurance Rate Making Committee
Public Health Study Commission
Public School Funding Formulas, Joint Select Committee on
Public-Private Partnerships, Legislative Study Commission on
Purchase and Contract Study Committee
Revenue Laws Study Committee
Seafood and Aquaculture, Joint Legislative Commission on
Select Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Response
Select Committee on the Use of Off-Road Vehicles on Cape Lookout National Seashore
Senate Agriculture / Environment / Natural Resources
Senate Appropriations on Department of Transportation
Senate Appropriations on Education/Higher Education
Senate Appropriations on General Government and Information Technology
Senate Appropriations on Health and Human Services
Senate Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety
Senate Appropriations on Natural and Economic Resources
Senate Appropriations/Base Budget
Senate Commerce
Senate Finance
Senate Information Technology
Senate Judiciary I
Senate Judiciary I
Senate Judiciary I
Senate Judiciary II
Senate Program Evaluation
Senate Redistricting
Senate Workforce and Economic Development
Smart Growth, Growth Management, and Development Issues Comm. (1999)
State and Local Fiscal Modernization Study Commission
State Funded Student Financial Aid, Joint Select Committee on
State-Owned Assets, House Select Committee
Televising House Sessions, House Select Committee on (2009)
Third Party Sale of Electricity Committee (LRC)(2011)
Transportation Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative
Treasurer Investment Targets and State Employee Retirement Options
Urban Growth and Infrastructure Issues, Legislative Study Comm. on
Use of 911 Funds, House Select Committee on the (2009)
Utility Review Committee, Joint Legislative
Water and Wastewater Infrastructure, Legislative Study Commission on
Water Resources and Infrastructure (2009)
Wetland and Stream Mitigation (LRC)(2011)
Youth Accountability Task Force