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Representative Rayne Brown (Rep)
Introduced Bills, 2015-2016 Session

Total Bills: 29
Member is Primary Sponsor of bills in bold
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* = first primary sponsor
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H3  (= S74) Eminent Domain. S 02/11/2015 Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
H8 Court of Appeals Election Modifications. R 10/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-292
H9 Restore School Calendar Educ. Purpose Waiver. H 01/29/2015 Ref To Com On Education - K-12
H60 Passing Slow Moving Vehicles. H 02/10/2015 Ref To Com On Transportation
H72  (= S91) SOG Pilot Project Standards. H 03/24/2015 Re-ref Com On Appropriations
H148 Insurance Required for Mopeds. R 06/29/2015 Ch. SL 2015-125
H170  (= S116) Handicapped Parking Windshield Placard. H 03/09/2015 Serial Referral To Finance Added
H176 Citizenship Test. H 03/10/2015 Ref To Com On Education - K-12
*H183 Repeal Map Act. S 05/12/2015 Re-ref Com On Transportation
*H184 Change DCR Process for Unclaimed Property.-AB R 08/18/2015 Ch. SL 2015-218
*H185 Repeal DCR's Obsolete Comms & Language.-AB R 08/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-184
H199  (= S247) Certain Cities/Donate Service Animals. R 08/04/2015 Ch. SL 2015-174
H203 Phaseout of Fuel Tax. H 03/12/2015 Ref to the Com on Transportation, if favorable, Finance
H259 General Government Technical Corrections.-AB R 10/01/2015 Ch. SL 2015-268
H282 Streamline Seized Vehicle Disposal.-AB H 04/02/2015 Serial Referral To Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Added
H329 School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems. H 03/24/2015 Ref To Com On Education - K-12
H358  (= S450) School Performance Grade Scale. R 05/14/2015 Ch. SL 2015-17
H359 Excellence in School Leadership. H 03/26/2015 Ref To Com On Appropriations
H403  (= S88) Pole Attachment Compensation. H 04/01/2015 Ref to the Com on Judiciary I, if favorable, Public Utilities
H465 Women and Children's Protection Act of 2015. R 06/05/2015 Ch. SL 2015-62
H590 Funding for Aid to Libraries Fund. H 04/06/2015 Ref To Com On Appropriations
*H592 Debt Issuance Accountability Act. H 04/06/2015 Ref To Com On Appropriations
H681 NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act. H 04/21/2015 Re-ref Com On Public Utilities
H810 Medicaid Reimbursement/Immunizing Pharmacists. H 04/15/2015 Ref To Com On Health
H952  (= S809) Honor Our Service Animals/Sheriff Contracts. S 05/19/2016 Ref To Com On State and Local Government
H954 Terminate Agreement for Tolling of I-77. H 04/26/2016 Ref to the Com on Transportation, if favorable, Appropriations
H955 Changes Special Ed./Opportunity Scholarships. H 04/26/2016 Ref To Com On Appropriations
H958 Felony Death Imp. Boating/Sheyenne's Law. S 05/17/2016 Re-ref to Judiciary I. If fav, re-ref to Finance
H1099 Ban Endangered Species Product Trafficking. H 05/11/2016 Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House