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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 159: Local Government Finance.

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Article 1 - Short Title and Definitions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2 - Local Government Commission. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3 - The Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4 - Local Government Bond Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5 - Revenue Bonds. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5A - Capital Appreciation Bonds. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6 - Project Development Financing Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7 - Issuance and Sale of Bonds. [RTF] [PDF] Article 8 - Financing Agreements and Other Financing Arrangements. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9 - Bond Anticipation, Tax, Revenue and Grant Anticipation Notes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9A - Borrowing by Cities for Competitive Purposes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10 - Assistance for Defaulting Units in Refinancing Debt. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11 - Enforcement of Chapter. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12 - Borrowing by Development Authorities Created by General Assembly. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13 - Interest Rate Swap Agreements for Governmental Units. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14 - Borrowing by Airport Authorities. [RTF] [PDF]