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September 2009
Looking for an Old North Carolina Executive Order?

NC Executive Orders are available online back to 2001 at Governor Perdue’s website.  In the Legislative Library, we have a complete collection of Executive Orders in print from 1993 – forward.  Executive orders are also found reprinted in the North Carolina Session Laws.  In addition, selective Executive Orders are reprinted in the “Collected Governor’s Papers” that are issued by the State Archives.  As always… ask a member of the Library staff if you need help tracking down elusive information.

Need a Public Library Card?

Gov. Bev Perdue has designated September as Library Card Sign-up Month in North Carolina, encouraging children, families and North Carolina residents to explore their public library and its many resources and to sign up for the “smartest card.” The "Smartest Card" initiative is part of The Campaign for America's Libraries, a multi-year public awareness and advocacy effort begun by the American Library Association in 2004. 


The 2009 Directory of North Carolina Libraries (Draft) is online here.

The Walter Davis Story: One Man Who Made a Difference

Ned Cline chronicles the life story of a man who was perhaps one of the most influential non-elected persons in North Carolina politics.  This colorful biography recounts the many stories of Davis’ generosity and how he used his influence, wealth, and leadership skills to benefit others.

Come check it out!

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