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December 2010
Library Holiday Hours!

We’ll be closed for the holidays on Friday, December 24th and Monday, December 27th and again on Friday, December 31st.  Any questions… please call 919-733-9390 for more information.  Happy New Year!

Need to have a NC Statute, Session Law or Executive Order Certified?
North Carolina General Statutes are certified by the Attorney General’s office.  Individual Session laws are certified by the Secretary of State’s Office and Executive Orders are certified by the Governor’s office.
Welcome New Members!

The Legislative Library staff extends a warm welcome to newly elected members and their staffs.  Please visit us and our two Libraries on the 5th floor LOB and 2nd floor LB – we’d love to meet you and tell you about the resources we have to assist you.  You may also call us at 3-9390 or 3-7778 or contact us by e-mail.

300 North Salisbury Street, Suite 500 • Raleigh, NC 27603-5925 • 919.733.9390