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August 2010
Just in...The North Carolina Gazetteer
  The North Carolina Gazetteer first appeared to wide acclaim in 1968 and has remained an essential reference for anyone with a serious interest in the Tar Heel state, from historians to journalists, from creative writers to urban planners, from backpackers to armchair travelers.
The revised and expanded edition adds approximately 1,200 new entries, bringing to nearly 21,000 the number of North Carolina cities, towns, crossroads, waterways, mountains, and other places identified here.  (UNC Press)
The North Carolina Gazetteer is available for reference use in the LOB Library.  Come on in and have a look.
NC General Statutes – 2010 Changes

Legislation from the 2010 Session changed many statutes and uncodified session laws, but the online statutes won’t be updated until early 2011.  Until the statutes have been updated, please use the General Statutes and Session Laws Affected by 2010 Ratified Bills to find 2010 changes.
You can also find a cumulative list of Session Law and Local Law Changes from 1997 through 2010 by clicking here.

The Walter Davis Story: One Man Who Made a Difference

Ned Cline chronicles the life story of a man who was perhaps one of the most influential non-elected persons in North Carolina politics.  This colorful biography recounts the many stories of Davis’ generosity and how he used his influence, wealth, and leadership skills to benefit others.

Come check it out!


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