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August 2016
Looking for North Carolina Executive Orders Online? We Can Help You.

Current NC Executive Orders can be found at the Governor's website.

An archive of Executive Orders (2001-2012) is available through the North Carolina Digital Collections.

Since 1973, Executive Orders have been published as an appendix to the printed Session Laws of North Carolina.  The digitized versions of each volume of the Session Laws can be found at the State Library's website.

As always… if you need help tracking down elusive information, ask a member of the Library staff!

Looking for 2016 Legislative Session Statistics?
The Library has compiled a chart beginning with the 1965 session through 2016 showing convening and adjournment dates, bill introductions, ratifications, and session length statistics for all regular and extra sessions.  You can find this chart at our Library’s Research page under Historical Resources or click here.
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