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Have you been reading NCSL’s LegisBriefs?

Each easy-to-read 2-page brief written by an expert gives you a concise analysis you can read in minutes,  state and federal actions on the issue, charts and graphs, selected references if you want to know more, and names and contact information for experts in the field.

The February 2009 issue covers the following topics:

  • Disparities in Cardiovascular Health
  • The National School Administration Manager Project
  • The Costs of Climate Change
  • Transportation Funding Outlook 2009
  • Physical Activity Guidelines
  • State Approaches to Emergency Communications

You can find LegisBriefs at http://www.ncsl.org/legisbriefs/index.htm  If you’re a legislator or legislative staff member, you’re automatically logged in and can get a PDF with just a click.  Others must subscribe to the service.

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