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A Dictionary of “Tar Heel Places”

Powell’s North Carolina Gazetteer calls itself  “a geographical dictionary in which an attempt has been made to list all of the geographic features of the state in one alphabet,” and it’s a wonderful resource for current information as well as for historical trivia. In addition to finding out when a town was incorporated or which county it’s in, you can satisfy your need to know such things as:  the “Sahara of North Carolina” is the Sandhills region between the Cape Fear and PeeDee Rivers, and “No Ache Bay” is on the western shore of Hatteras Island in Dare County and “Beaucatcher Mountain” in Asheville was so-named because a summer house/arbor there was popular with courting couples in the 1800s.  Copies of the Gazetteer are available in both Libraries for your browsing pleasure or serious research!

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