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Now Online! News & Observer Index, 1926-1992

The State Library has announced its new online index to the Raleigh News & Observer, containing  an alphabetical list of names and subjects with references to the newspaper articles in which they occur. It is not a database of full-text articles; rather, it’s a guide to help find articles with more information about a particular topic.


For many decades, librarians from the State Library reviewed the Raleigh News and Observer (N&O) newspaper and recorded important statewide topics and personal names from articles and selected obituaries on index cards, and later on early PCs. Now, nearly 100 years later, the N&O Index for 1926-1992 is available online for the public to search and browse.


The full-text articles themselves are available on microfilm at the Government and Heritage Library, 109 East Jones Street - right next door to the Legislative Building.


Read more about the N&O Index here.  Search or browse topics and personal names to find article citations here.

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