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North Carolina and the Two World Wars
Sarah McCulloh Lemmon and Nancy Smith Midgette

“North Carolina and the Two World Wars returns to print in a single volume two of the most popular titles published by the Historical Publications Section of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History. Based on extensive research in the State Archives, Dr. Sarah McCulloh Lemmon’s North Carolina’s Role in the First World War (1966) and North Carolina’s Role in World War II (1964) provided an introduction to the Tar Heel experience in these two pivotal events in the twentieth century. For this new work Dr. Nancy Smith Midgette of Elon University extensively updated and expanded Dr. Lemmon’s texts. She also researched and wrote a new chapter that discusses the interwar period between 1918 and 1941. The result is a concise, yet compelling, one-volume work surveying the events over four decades that boldly brought North Carolina into the Modern Era.”
Historical Publications Section, N. C. Office of Archives and History

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