A JOINT RESOLUTION honoring the memory of norman H. Johnson, the first attorney general of the North carolina retail merchants association, on the one hundredth anniversary of the north carolina retail merchants association.

Whereas, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was founded in 1902 by a group of merchants who convened in Burlington; and

Whereas, Norman H. Johnson was elected the organization's first Attorney General in 1902 at the organizational meeting of the Association; and

Whereas, the Association was organized to promote the interests of all merchants in North Carolina, to cooperate with other State and national groups on matters of common interest that affect the conduct of retailing, and on programs that strengthen and develop the State's agricultural and industrial economy, and to secure the cooperation of all manufacturers and wholesalers in producing a healthier condition of retail trade; and

Whereas, on November 18, 1905, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was incorporated; and

Whereas, since its formation, the Association has used its resources to support retailers and retail organizations throughout North Carolina; and

Whereas, the Association has enhanced the quality of life for all citizens of the State and advanced the public confidence in the retail industry; and

Whereas, many retailers who have served and are serving our State in the General Assembly and its leadership have been members of the Association; and

Whereas, during its 100 years of service, the Association has been instrumental in providing leadership and encouraging the highest standards of integrity, competence, civility, and well-being of all members of the retail industry; and

Whereas, the goal of the Association during the celebration of its centennial is to be recognized as the premier State retail association in the country; respected for its commitment to creating and maintaining a prosperous environment in which North Carolina's retailers will thrive; and

Whereas, it is fitting that the Association be commended for its 100 years of continuous service; Now, therefore,


Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:


SECTION 1.  The General Assembly honors the life and memory of Norman H. Johnson and expresses appreciation for the contributions he made to the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association.

SECTION 2.  The General Assembly recognizes the historic accomplishments of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and congratulates the organization on 100 years of dedicated commitment in serving the public and the retail industry.

SECTION 3.  The Secretary of State shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the President of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association.

SECTION 4.  This resolution is effective upon ratification.

In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 29th day of May, 2002.






                                                                         Beverly E. Perdue

                                                                         President of the Senate






                                                                         James B. Black

                                                                         Speaker of the House of Representatives