The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:


Section 1.  G.S. 116-2(4) reads as rewritten:

"(4)      'Constituent institution' or 'institution' means one of the 16 public senior institutions, to wit, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University at Raleigh, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the University of North Carolina at Asheville, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Pembroke State University, redesignated effective July 1, 1996, as the 'University of North Carolina at Pembroke', Western Carolina University, and Winston-Salem State University."

Sec. 2.  G.S. 116-4 reads as rewritten:

"§ 116-4.  Constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina.

On July 1, 1972, the University of North Carolina shall be  composed of the following institutions:  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University at Raleigh, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the University of North Carolina at Asheville, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Pembroke State University, redesignated effective July 1, 1996, as the 'University of North Carolina at Pembroke', Western Carolina University and Winston-Salem State University."

Sec. 3.  G.S. 116-5(a) reads as rewritten:

"(a)      Commencing July 1, 1972, and continuing for the terms hereinafter stated and until their successors are chosen, the Board of Governors shall consist of the following members:

(1)       Three persons elected prior to January 1, 1972, by and from the membership of the Board of Trustees of East Carolina University and two persons elected prior to January 1, 1972, by and from the membership of the board of trustees of each of the following institutions: Appalachian State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, and Western Carolina University.

(2)       One person elected prior to January 1, 1972, by and from the  membership of the board of trustees of each of the following  institutions: Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Pembroke State University, redesignated effective July 1, 1996, as the 'University of North Carolina at Pembroke', and Winston-Salem State University.

(3)       Sixteen persons elected prior to January 1, 1972, by and from the membership of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina.

(4)       Two persons elected prior to January 1, 1972, by the Board of Higher Education from its eight members-at-large. These shall be nonvoting members whose terms shall expire on June 30, 1973."

Sec. 4.  G.S. 116-12 reads as rewritten:

"§ 116-12.  Property and obligations.

All property of whatsoever kind and all rights and privileges held by the Board of Higher Education and by the Boards of Trustees of Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North  Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Pembroke State University, redesignated effective July 1, 1996, as the 'University of North Carolina at Pembroke', Western Carolina University and Winston-Salem State University, as said property, rights and privileges may exist immediately prior to July 1, 1972, shall be, and hereby are, effective July 1, 1972, transferred to and vested in the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. All obligations of whatsoever kind of the Board of Higher Education and of the Boards of Trustees of Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Pembroke State University, redesignated effective July 1, 1996, as the 'University of North Carolina at Pembroke', Western Carolina University and Winston-Salem State University, as said obligations may exist immediately prior to July 1, 1972, shall be, and the same hereby are, effective July 1, 1972, transferred to and assumed by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina.  Any property, real or personal, held immediately prior to July 1, 1972, by a board of trustees of a constituent institution for the benefit of that institution or by the University of North Carolina for the benefit of any one or more of its six institutions, shall from and after July 1, 1972, be kept separate and distinct from other property held by the Board of Governors, shall continue to be held for the benefit of the institution or institutions that were previously the beneficiaries and shall continue to be held subject to the provisions of the respective instruments, grants or other means or process by which any property right was acquired. In case a conflict arises as to which property, rights or privileges were held for the beneficial interest of a particular institution, or as to the extent to which such property, rights or privileges were so held, the Board of Governors shall determine the issue, and the determination of the Board shall constitute final administrative action. Nothing in this Article shall be deemed to increase or diminish the income, other revenue or specific property which is pledged, or otherwise hypothecated, for the security or liquidation of any obligations, it being the intent that the Board of Governors shall assume said obligations without thereby either enlarging or diminishing the rights of the holders thereof."

Sec. 5.  G.S. 147-45 reads as rewritten:

"§ 147-45.  Distribution of copies of State publications.

The Secretary of State shall, at the State's expense, as soon as possible after publication, provide such number of copies of the Session Laws and Senate and House Journals to federal, State, and local governmental officials, departments and agencies, and to educational institutions of instruction and exchange use, as is set out in the table below:

Session              Assembly

Agency or Institution                                                               Laws                    Journals

Governor, Office of the                                                                            3                          2

Lieutenant Governor, Office of the                                                         1                          1

Secretary of State, Department of the                                                     3                          3

Auditor, Department of the State                                                             3                          1

Treasurer, Department of the State                                                         3                          1

Local Government Commission                                                         2                          0

State Board of Education                                                                          1                          0

Department of Public Instruction                                                            3                          1

Controller                                                                                             1                          0

Technical Assistance Centers                                                             1 ea.                    0

Department of Community Colleges                                                      3                          1

Justice, Department of

Office of the Attorney General                                                           25                        3

Budget Bureau (Administration)                                                         1                          0

Property Control (Administration)                                                     1                          1

State Bureau of Investigation                                                              1                          0

Agriculture, Department of                                                                      3                          1

Labor, Department of                                                                               5                          1

Insurance, Department of                                                                         5                          1

Administration, Department of                                                                1                          1

Budget Bureau                                                                                      2                          1

Controller                                                                                             1                          0

Property Control                                                                                  1                          0

Purchase and Contract                                                                         2                          0

Policy and Development                                                                      1                          0

Veterans Affairs Commission                                                             1                          0

Environment, Health, and Natural

Resources, Department of                                                                   1                          0

Division of Environmental Management                                            2                          0

Board of Environment, Health, and

  Natural Resources                                                                              1                          0

Soil and Water Conservation Commission                                        1                          0

Wildlife Resources Commission                                                       2                          0

Revenue, Department of                                                                           5                          1

Human Resources, Department of                                                          3                          0

Board of Human Resources                                                                1                          0

Health Services, Division of                                                               3                          0

Mental Health, Developmental

       Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services,

  Division of                                                                                          1                          0

Social Services, Division of                                                                3                          0

Facilities Services, Division of                                                           1                          0

Youth Services, Division of                                                                1                          0

Hospitals and Institutions                                                                    1 ea.                    0

Transportation, Department of                                                                 1                          0

Board of Transportation                                                                       3                          0

Motor Vehicles, Division of                                                               1                          0

Commerce, Department of                                                                      1                          0

Economic Development, Division of                                                 2                          0

State Ports Authority                                                                           1                          0

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission,

  North Carolina                                                                                    2                          0

Banking Commission                                                                           2                          0

Utilities Commission                                                                          8                          1

Industrial Commission                                                                         7                          0

Labor Force Development Council                                                    1                          0

Milk Commission                                                                                5                          0

Employment Security Commission                                                    1                          1

Correction, Department of                                                                       1                          0

Department of Correction                                                                   2                          0

Parole Commission                                                                             2                          0

State Prison                                                                                           1                          0

Correctional Institutions                                                                     1 ea.                    0

Cultural Resources, Department of                                                         1                          0

Archives and History, Division of                                                      5                          1

State Library                                                                                         5                          5

Publications Division                                                                           1                          1

Crime Control and Public Safety,

Department of                                                                                       2                          1

North Carolina Crime Commission                                                   1                          0

Adjutant General                                                                                   2                          0

Elections, State Board of                                                                         2                          0

Office of Administrative Hearings                                                          2                          0

State Personnel Commission                                                                   1                          0

Office of State Personnel                                                                        1                          1

Legislative Branch

State Senators                                                                                       1 ea.                    1 ea.

State Representatives                                                                           1 ea.                    1 ea.

Principal Clerk - Senate                                                                      1                          1

Principal Clerk - House                                                                      1                          1

Reading Clerk - Senate                                                                        1                          1

Reading Clerk - House                                                                        1                          1

Sergeant at Arms - House                                                                   1                          1

Sergeant at Arms - Senate                                                                   1                          1

Enrolling Clerk                                                                                     1                          0

Engrossing Clerk                                                                                  1                          0

Indexer of the Laws                                                                              1                          0

Legislative Building Library                                                                35                        15

Judicial System

Justices of the Supreme Court                                                            1 ea.                    1 ea.

Judges of the Court of Appeals                                                           1 ea.                    1 ea.

Judges of the Superior Court                                                              1 ea.                    0

Emergency and Special Judges of the

  Superior Court                                                                                    1 ea.                    0

District Court Judges                                                                           1 ea.                    0

District Attorneys                                                                                1 ea.                    0

Clerk of the Supreme Court                                                                1                          1

Clerk of the Court of Appeals                                                             1                          1

Administrative Office of the Courts                                                   4                          1

  Supreme Court Library   AS MANY AS REQUESTED

Colleges and Universities

The University of North Carolina System

Administrative Offices                                                                        3                          0

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill                                         65                        25

University of North Carolina, Charlotte                                            3                          1

University of North Carolina, Greensboro                                        3                          1

University of North Carolina, Asheville                                            2                          1

University of North Carolina, Wilmington                                        2                          1

North Carolina State University, Raleigh                                           5                          3

Appalachian State University                                                               2                          1

East Carolina University                                                                      3                          2

Elizabeth City State University                                                           2                          1

Fayetteville State University                                                               2                          1

North Carolina Agricultural and

  Technical University                                                                          2                          1

North Carolina Central University                                                      5                          5

Western Carolina University                                                               2                          1

Pembroke State University of

North Carolina, Pembroke                                                                  2                          1

Winston-Salem State University                                                         2                          1

North Carolina School of the Arts                                                      1                          1

Private Institutions

Duke University                                                                                    6                          6

Davidson College                                                                                 3                          2

Wake Forest University                                                                       5                          5

Lenoir Rhyne College                                                                          1                          1

Elon College                                                                                         1                          1

Guilford College                                                                                  1                          1

Campbell University                                                                            5                          5

Wingate College                                                                                   1                          1

Pfeiffer College                                                                                   1                          1

Barber Scotia College                                                                          1                          1

Barton College                                                                                     1                          1

Shaw University                                                                                    1                          1

St. Augustine's College                                                                        1                          1

J.C. Smith University                                                                           1                          1

Belmont Abbey College                                                                      1                          1

Bennett College                                                                                    1                          1

Catawba College                                                                                   1                          1

Gardner-Webb College                                                                        1                          1

Greensboro College                                                                             1                          1

High Point College                                                                              1                          1

Livingstone College                                                                             1                          1

Mars Hill College                                                                                1                          1

Meredith College                                                                                 1                          1

Methodist College                                                                               1                          1

North Carolina Wesleyan College                                                      1                          1

Queens College                                                                                    1                          1

Sacred Heart College                                                                           1                          1

St. Andrews Presbyterian College                                                      1                          1

Salem College                                                                                      1                          1

Warren Wilson College                                                                       1                          1

County and Local Officials

Clerks of the Superior Court                                                               1 ea.                    1 ea.

Register of Deeds                                                                                1 ea.                    1 ea.

Federal, Out-of-State and Foreign

Secretary to the President                                                                   1                          0

Secretary of State                                                                                 1                          1

Secretary of Defense                                                                           1                          0

Secretary of Agriculture                                                                      1                          0

Secretary of the Interior                                                                      1                          0

Secretary of Labor                                                                               1                          1

Secretary of Commerce                                                                      1                          1

Secretary of the Treasury                                                                    1                          0

Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare                                     1                          0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development                                 1                          0

Secretary of Transportation                                                                 1                          0

Attorney General                                                                                  1                          0

Postmaster General                                                                              1                          0

Bureau of Census                                                                                 1                          0

Bureau of Public Roads                                                                       1                          0

Department of Justice                                                                          1                          0

Department of Internal Revenue                                                         1                          0

Veterans' Administration                                                                     1                          0

Farm Credit Administration                                                                1                          0

Securities and Exchange Commission                                               1                          0

Social Security Board                                                                          1                          0

Environmental Protection Agency                                                      1                          0

Library of Congress                                                                             8                          2

Federal Judges resident in North Carolina                                         1 ea.                    0

Federal District Attorneys resident in

  North Carolina                                                                                    1 ea.                    0

Marshal of the United States Supreme Court                                    1                          0

Federal Clerks of Court resident in NC                                             1 ea.                    0

Supreme Court Library exchange list                                                 1 ea.                    0


One copy of the Session Laws shall be furnished the head of any department of State government created in the future.

State agencies, institutions, etc., not found in or covered by this list may, upon written request from their respective department head to the Secretary of State, and upon the discretion of the Secretary of State as to need, be issued copies of the Session Laws on a permanent loan basis with the understanding that should said copies be needed they will be recalled."

Sec. 6.  The General Statutes are further amended by substituting the phrase "University of North Carolina at Pembroke”for the phrase "Pembroke State University”wherever that phrase may appear.

Sec. 7.  (a) All statutory and other legal authority, powers, duties, functions, records, personnel, property, and unexpended balances of appropriations or other funds of Pembroke State University remain those of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

(b)       Nothing in this act requires the immediate replacement of any stationery, other supplies, or any emblems or other symbols used by the University of North Carolina at Pembroke as they existed prior to the enactment of this act.

Sec. 8.  This act shall be funded by funds currently available to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  Nothing in this act obligates the General Assembly to appropriate any funds to implement it.

Sec. 9.  This act becomes effective July 1, 1996.

In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 21st day of June, 1996.




Dennis A. Wicker

President of the Senate




Harold J. Brubaker

Speaker of the House of Representatives