1-481. Care and delivery of seized property.

When the sheriff has taken property, as provided in this Article, he must keep it in a secure place, and deliver it to the party entitled thereto, upon receiving his lawful fees for taking and his necessary expenses for keeping the property, minus any amount received pursuant to G.S. 1-474(c). If the amount due under this section is less than the amount received pursuant to G.S. 1-474(c), then the sheriff shall return the excess amount to the depositor. In the event that a third party intervener is entitled to possession of the property, any amount received pursuant to G.S. 1-474(c) shall be returned to the depositor. (C.C.P., s. 185; Code, s. 330; Rev., s. 799; C.S., s. 839; 2015-55, s. 3(c).)