105-380. No taxes to be released, refunded, or compromised.

(a) The governing body of a taxing unit is prohibited from releasing, refunding, or compromising all or any portion of the taxes levied against any property within its jurisdiction except as expressly provided in this Subchapter.

(b) Taxes that have been released, refunded, or compromised in violation of this section shall be deemed to be unpaid and shall be collectible by any means provided by this Subchapter, and the existence and priority of any tax lien on property shall not be affected by the unauthorized release, refund, or compromise of the tax liability.

(c) Any tax that has been released, refunded, or compromised in violation of this section may be recovered from any member or members of the governing body who voted for the release, refund, or compromise by civil action instituted by any resident of the taxing unit, and when collected, the recovered tax shall be paid to the treasurer of the taxing unit. The costs of bringing the action, including reasonable attorneys' fees, shall be allowed the plaintiff in the event the tax is recovered.

(d) The provisions of this section are not intended to restrict or abrogate the powers of a board of equalization and review or any agency exercising the powers of such a board.

(e) (Expires July 1, 2016) The governing body of a municipality shall release any tax levied under this Subchapter, without application from the taxpayer being required, on property that was within the corporate limits of the municipality for six months or less prior to deannexation from the municipality, and for which no notice of the tax has yet been sent to the taxpayer. The release shall be made in accordance with the provisions of this Article. (1901, c. 558, s. 31; Rev., s. 2854; C.S., s. 7976; 1971, c. 806, s. 1; 1973, c. 564, s. 2; 2013-19, s. 1.)