§ 131D‑2.3.  Exemptions from licensure.

The following are excluded from this Article and are not required to be registered or obtain licensure under this Article:

(1) Facilities licensed under Chapter 122C or Chapter 131E of the General Statutes.

(2) Persons subject to rules of the Division of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities.

(3) Facilities that care for no more than four persons, all of whom are under the supervision of the United States Veterans Administration.

(4) Facilities that make no charges for housing, amenities, or personal care service, either directly or indirectly.

(5) Institutions that are maintained or operated by a unit of government and that were established, maintained, or operated by a unit of government and exempt from licensure by the Department on September 30, 1995. (2009‑462, s. 1(e); 2023‑65, s. 8.4.)