§ 131E-114.2.  Use of medication aides to perform technical aspects of medication administration.

(a) Facilities licensed and medication administration services provided under this Part may utilize medication aides to perform the technical aspects of medication administration consistent with G.S. 90-171.20(7) and (8), and G.S. 90-171.43.

(1) A medication aide who is employed in a facility licensed under Article 5 and Article 6, Part 1 of this Chapter shall be listed as a Nurse Aide I on the Nurse Aide I Registry in addition to being listed on the Medication Aide Registry.

(2) Medication administration as used in Article 5 and Article 6, Part 1 of this Chapter shall not include intravenous or injectable medication services.

(b) The Commission shall adopt rules to implement this section. Rules adopted by the Commission shall include:

(1) Training and competency evaluation of medication aides as provided for under this section.

(2) Requirements for listing under the Medication Aide Registry as provided for under G.S. 131E-270.

(3) Requirements for supervision of medication aides by licensed health professionals or appropriately qualified supervisory personnel consistent with this Part. (2005-276, s. 10.40C(a); 2007-444, s. 4(a).)