§ 143‑134.2.  Actions by contractor on behalf of subcontractor.

(a) A contractor may, on behalf of a subcontractor of any tier under the contractor, file an action against an owner regarding a claim arising out of or relating to labor, materials, or services furnished by the subcontractor to the contractor pursuant to a contract between the subcontractor and the contractor for the same project that is the subject of the contract between the contractor and the owner.

(b) In any action filed by a contractor against an owner under subsection (a) of this section, it shall not be a defense that the costs and damages at issue were incurred by a subcontractor and that subcontractor has not been paid for these costs and damages. The owner shall not be required to pay the contractor for the costs and damages incurred by a subcontractor, unless the subcontractor submits proof to the court that the contractor has paid these costs and damages to the subcontractor. (1997‑489, s. 1.)