143-215.104R. (Expires January 1, 2032 - see notes) Enforcement procedures; injunctive relief.

Whenever the Commission has reasonable cause to believe that any person has violated or is threatening to violate any of the provisions of this Part or rule implementing this Part, the Commission may, either before or after the institution of any other action or proceeding authorized by this Part, request the Attorney General to institute a civil action in the name of the State upon the relation of the Commission for injunctive relief to restrain the violation or threatened violation and for other and further relief in the premises as the court shall deem proper. The Attorney General may institute an action in the superior court of the county in which the violation occurred or may occur or, in the Attorney General's discretion, in the superior court of the county in which the person responsible for the violation or threatened violation resides or has a principal place of business. Upon a determination by the court that the alleged violation of the provisions of this Part or the rules of the Commission has occurred or is threatened, the court shall grant the relief necessary to prevent or abate the violation or threatened violation. Neither the institution of the action nor any of the proceedings thereon shall relieve any party to the proceedings from any penalty prescribed for violation of this Part. In the event a civil action is commenced pursuant to this section, the Commission may recover the costs of the action, including attorneys' fees and investigation expenses. All monies received or recovered shall be paid into the Fund or other source from which the expenditures were made. (1997-392, s. 1.)