153A-377. (Repealed effective January 1, 2021) Acquisition and disposition of property for redevelopment.

In addition to the powers granted by G.S. 153A-376, any county is authorized, either as a part of a community development program or independently thereof, and without the necessity of compliance with the Urban Redevelopment Law, to exercise the following powers:

(1) To acquire, by voluntary purchase from the owner or owners, real property which is either:

a. Blighted, deteriorated, deteriorating, undeveloped, or inappropriately developed from the standpoint of sound community development and growth;

b. Appropriate for rehabilitation or conservation activities;

c. Appropriate for housing construction of the economic development of the community; or

d. Appropriate for the preservation or restoration of historic sites, the beautification of urban land, the conservation of open space, natural resources, and scenic areas, the provision of recreational opportunities, or the guidance of urban development;

(2) To clear, demolish, remove, or rehabilitate buildings and improvements on land so acquired; and

(3) To retain property so acquired for public purposes, or to dispose, through sale, lease, or otherwise, of any property so acquired to any person, firm, corporation, or governmental unit; provided, the disposition of such property shall be undertaken in accordance with the procedures of G.S. 153A-176, or the procedures of G.S. 160A-514, or any applicable local act modifying such procedures. (1977, c. 660, s. 2; 2019-111, s. 2.2.)