§ 160A‑277.  Sale of land to volunteer fire departments and rescue squads; procedure.

(a) A city, upon such terms and conditions as it deems wise, with or without monetary consideration may lease, sell or convey to a volunteer fire department or to a volunteer rescue squad any land or interest in land, for the purpose of constructing or expanding fire department or rescue squad facilities, if the volunteer fire department or volunteer rescue squad provides fire protection or rescue services to the city.

(b) Any lease, sale or conveyance under this section must be approved by the city council by resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the council upon 10 days' public notice. Notice shall be given by publication describing the property to be leased or sold, stating the value of the properties, the proposed monetary consideration or lack thereof, and the council's intent to authorize the lease, sale or conveyance. (1979, c. 583.)