§ 35A-1214.  Priorities for appointment.

The clerk shall consider appointing a guardian according to the following order of priority: (i) an individual or entity nominated under G.S. 32C-1-108(a) or G.S. 32A-22(b), as applicable; (ii) an individual recommended under G.S. 35A-1212.1; (iii) an individual; (iv) a corporation; or (v) a disinterested public agent. No public agent shall be appointed guardian until diligent efforts have been made to find an appropriate individual or corporation to serve as guardian, but in every instance the clerk shall base the appointment of a guardian or guardians on the best interest of the ward. (1987, c. 550, s. 1; 2005-333, s. 2; 2023-124, s. 7.10.)