48-2-606. Decree of adoption.

(a) A decree of adoption must state at least:

(1) The name and gender of each petitioner for adoption;

(2) Whether the petitioner is married, a stepparent, or single;

(3) The name by which the adoptee is to be known;

(4) Information to be incorporated in a new standard certificate of birth to be issued by the State Registrar;

(5) The adoptee's date and place of birth, if known, or as determined under subsection (b) of this section in the case of an adoptee born outside the United States;

(6) The effect of the decree of adoption as set forth in G.S. 48-1-106; and

(7) That the adoption is in the best interest of the adoptee.

(b) In stating the date and place of birth of an adoptee born outside the United States, the court shall:

(1) Enter the date and place of birth as stated in the certificate of birth from the country of origin, the United States Department of State's report of birth abroad, or the documents of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service;

(2) If the exact place of birth is unknown, enter the information that is known, including the country of origin; and

(3) If the exact date of birth is unknown, determine and enter a date of birth based upon medical evidence by affidavit or testimony as to the probable chronological age of the adoptee and other evidence the court finds appropriate to consider.

(c) A decree of adoption must not contain the name of a former parent of the adoptee. (1949, c. 300; 1973, c. 476, s. 138.; 1983, c. 454, s. 6; 1995, c. 457, s. 2.)