53-258. Authority and procedures governing reverse mortgage loans.

(a) Except as provided in subsection (b1) of this section, no person, firm, or corporation shall engage in the business of making reverse mortgage loans without first being approved as an authorized reverse mortgage lender by the Commissioner. Mortgage lenders licensed under Article 19A of this Chapter must also be authorized under this Article before making reverse mortgage loans.

(b) An application for authorization to make reverse mortgage loans shall be in writing to the Commissioner and in the form prescribed by the Commissioner. The application shall contain the name and complete business address or addresses of the applicant. The application shall also include affirmation of financial solvency and all capitalization requirements that are required by the Commissioner. The application shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee, payable to the Commissioner, of five hundred dollars ($500.00).

(b1) Each of the following lenders shall be considered authorized to engage in the business of making reverse mortgage loans without being required to apply pursuant to subsection (b) of this section and may represent to the public that it is so authorized:

(1) The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.

(2) A bank, savings institution, or credit union formed under the laws of this or any other state or of the United States.

(3) A wholly owned subsidiary of an entity described in subdivision (2) of this subsection.

Each lender listed in this subsection may, upon written request to the Commissioner of Banks, obtain written confirmation of its authority to engage in the business of making reverse mortgage loans. In the case of lenders listed in subdivisions (2) and (3) of this subsection, the request shall be accompanied by the fee set forth in subsection (d) of this section.

(c) Repealed by Session Laws 2004-171, s. 16, effective October 1, 2004, and applicable to acts occurring and transactions or agreements entered into on or after that date.

(d) The Commissioner shall, upon determination that an applicant should be authorized to make reverse mortgage loans, issue notice of this authority to the lender. The authority to issue reverse mortgage loans is valid for the period of time specified by the Commissioner. A lender to whom a notice of authority is issued shall display the notice prominently in any and all offices of the lender that make reverse mortgage loans. Authorizations issued under this section are nontransferable. Except for lenders described in subsection (b1) of this section, each lender to which an authorization is issued shall pay an annual renewal fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). (1991, c. 546, s. 1; 1995, c. 115, s. 1; 2004-171, s. 16.)