58-33-132. Qualifications of instructors.

(a) The Commissioner may adopt rules to establish requisite qualifications for and issuance, renewal, summary suspension, and termination of provider, presenter, and instructor authority for prelicensing and continuing insurance education courses. During any suspension, the instructor shall not engage in any instruction of prelicensing or continuing insurance education courses prior to an administrative review. No person shall provide, present, or instruct any course unless that person has been qualified and possesses a license from the Commissioner or administrator.

(b) The Commissioner or administrator may summarily suspend or terminate the authority of an instructor, course provider, or presenter if the course presentation:

(1) Is determined to be inaccurate; or

(2) Receives an evaluation of poor from any Department monitor and a majority of attendees responding to Department questionnaires about the presentation. (1995, c. 517, s. 17; 1999-132, s. 9.1; 2007-507, s. 9.)