Article 17.

Closing-Out Sales.

§ 66-76.  Definitions.

For the purposes of this Article, "closing-out sale" shall mean and include all sales advertised, represented or held forth under the designation of "going out of business," "discontinuance of business," "selling out," "liquidation," "lost our lease," "must vacate," "forced out," "removal," or any other designation of like meaning; "distress sale" shall mean and include all sales in which it is represented or implied that going out of business is possible or anticipated, in which closing out is referred to in any way, or in which it is implied that business conditions are so difficult that the seller is forced to conduct the sale; and "person" shall mean and include individuals, partnerships, voluntary associations and corporations. (1957, c. 1058, s. 1; 1981, c. 633, s. 1.)