Article 6.


§ 8-48.  Clark's Calendar; proof of dates.

(a) In any controversy or inquiry in any court or before any fact finding board, commission, administrative agency or other body, where it becomes necessary or pertinent to determine any information which may be established by reference to a calendar for any year between the years 1753 A.D. and 2002 A.D., inclusive, it is permissible to introduce in evidence "Clark's Calendar, a Calendar Covering 250 Years, 1753 A.D. to 2002 A.D.," as supplemented, copyrighted, 1940, by E. B. Clark, Entry: Class AA, Number 328,573, Copyright Office of the United States of America, Washington, or any reprint of the 1940 edition certified by the Secretary of State to be an accurate copy of it, and the calendar or reprint, when so introduced, shall be prima facie evidence that the information disclosed by the calendar or reprint is true and correct.

(b) The Secretary of State shall prepare and publish a perpetual calendar similar to Clark's Calendar covering years beginning with 2003 A.D. The perpetual calendar published by the Secretary of State shall be admissible in evidence to the same degree and in the same manner as Clark's Calendar for years beginning with 2003. (1941, c. 312; 1997-58, s. 1.)