NCGA Internet Web Site Management
(Adopted April 2000; Revised November 2008)

The North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) publishes information about members of the NC Senate and House of Representatives on the NCGA Web site available at

The Principal Clerk of each chamber maintains information about their respective members. This information is used to create the web page for each legislator on the NCGA web site.

Legislator information which is available on the NCGA Web site includes: name, party affiliation, legislative office address and phone number, e-mail address, terms in House, terms in Senate, district, counties represented, occupation, and preferred district mailing address and phone number. There are also links on each legislatorís web page to his/her committee assignments and a list of bills he/she introduced or co-sponsored.

Legislator web pages may also include additional biographical information that is published in the North Carolina Manual biennially by the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State. Each legislator must provide permission to publish his or her biographical information on the NCGA Web site.

Legislator information published on the NCGA Web site must follow the NCGA Internet Web Site Management policy adopted by the Legislative Services Commission.

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