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Modernizing Spirituous Liquor Sales in NC

Project Scope: This evaluation will examine whether other systems for alcohol beverage control are appropriate for North Carolina. This evaluation will provide a review of other alcohol beverage control systems, including the State of Washington, which recently changed its beverage control system from state government control of wholesale and retail control of spirituous liquor to a licensure model. The Program Evaluation Division’s report North Carolina's Alcohol Beverage Control System Is Outdated and Needs Modernization recommended that the General Assembly consider whether the current system of alcohol beverage control needed further modernization.

Project Mandate: 2018–19 Work Plan

Agency or Agencies Under Review: Alcohol Beverage Control Commmission

Project Lead: Carol Shaw

Status Report for Week Ending February 8, 2019:

  • Editing presentation
  • Report scheduled to be released on February, 11, 2019
  • Presentation scheduled for February 11, 2019
Program Evaluation Division, North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Office Building, Suite 100
300 North Salisbury Street , Raleigh, NC 27603-5925