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Local Boards and Associations Administer Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Relief Funds with Limited State Oversight (November 2013)


The Firefighters' Relief Fund, which has a state and local component, and the Rescue Squad Workers' Relief Fund provide benefits to firefighters and rescue personnel. Relief fund money is not being spent by local boards and non-profit associations at the rate intended by the General Assembly, has been spent on non-permitted uses, and is being invested without regulation. The General Assembly should either consolidate the State and local firefighters' relief funds and make administration of that consolidated fund along with the Rescue Squad Workers' Relief Fund the responsibility of the Department of Insurance, or improve oversight of all relief funds under their current administrative structures.

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Relevant Legislation:

  • S.L. 2014-64: Amended laws related to (1) local firefighters' relief funds, the statewide Firefighters' Relief Fund, and the Rescue Squad Workers' Relief Fund, (2) Workers' Compensation for firefighters and rescue squad workers, (3) supplemental pensions for firefighters and rescue squad workers, and (4) the Volunteer Fire Department Fund and Volunteer Rescue/EMS Fund.

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