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Occupational Licensing Agencies Should Not be Centralized, but Stronger Oversight is Needed (December 2014)


Occupational licensing agencies (OLAs) are state agencies that regulate the licensure of persons within a particular profession or occupation but that receive no state general revenue and are not subject to legislatively mandated spending restrictions. PED found that transferring regulatory authority or administrative responsibilities from OLAs to a central state agency may not result in improved performance and would likely entail significant implementation costs. PED also determined that there is insufficient state-level oversight to ensure OLAs are efficiently and effectively protecting the public. The General Assembly should establish an Occupational Licensing Commission to assist the General Assembly and OLAs in improving effectiveness and resolving disputes; ensure that the OLAs required to comply with reporting requirements are clearly defined and listed; ensure the complaint process used by OLAs includes specified capabilities and attributes; and assign a legislative committee to evaluate the continuing need for licensing authority for 12 identified OLAs.

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Relevant Legislation:

  • Senate Bill 464 (2017–18): An act to increase oversight of occupational licensing boards. This legislation was not enacted.
  • Session Law 2015-286 directs the Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee (APO) to review this report and determine the best way to accomplish its recommendations and improve oversight of occupational licensing boards. In conducting the review, APO shall consult with occupational licensing boards, licensees, associations representing licensees, the Department of Commerce, and other interested parties. The APO cochairs may establish subcommittees to assist with various parts of the review, including determining whether licensing authority should be continued for the 12 boards identified in the report. The APO shall propose legislation to the 2016 Regular Session of the 2015 General Assembly.

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