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Reducing Off-Season Crossings, Adjusting Fares, and Using Partnerships Can Improve Ferry Division Efficiency (October 2017)


The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) Ferry Division is responsible for providing safe, cost-effective, and dependable service for local residents and visitors. The Program Evaluation Division found that the Ferry Division can save over $1.5 million annually by reducing the number of crossings on routes during periods of lower use and can increase annual fare collections on currently tolled routes by $1.7 million without adversely affecting area commuters. Additionally, using partnerships with other government entities and the private sector can reduce state funding requirements and improve the effectiveness of the ferry system. The General Assembly should amend state law to direct DOT to produce a long-range plan for the ferry transportation system, apply for a grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation for necessary support services, and evaluate the schedule of crossings for each ferry route to ensure services cost-effectively meet the needs of both area residents and tourists.

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