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PED Impact (as of February 26, 2021)

The General Assembly enacted legislation based on 48 of PED’s 106 evaluations; in other words, 45% of PED reports generated new state law.

  • The General Assembly proposed 105 bills based on 82 of PED's reports.
  • The General Assembly enacted 55 laws based on 48 of PED's reports.

PED recommendations adopted by the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee (JLPEOC) and implemented by agencies or the General Assembly save the State $38.6 million annually. PED’s 2019–20 annual recurring budget was $1.8 million, for an annual recurring benefit-to-cost ratio of more than $21 saved for every $1 spent on PED.

  • From 2008 through February 2021, PED recommended $172.2 million in recurring savings and $121.7 million in non-recurring savings to the State.
  • Implementation of PED recommendations has resulted in $38.6 million in recurring savings and an additional $44.1 million in non-recurring savings.


Click on a report title to view details on legislation and agency action undertaken in response to its recommendations.

Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action
(data only available through 12/30/18)
Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Totals 105 55 44 $38.6 million $44.1 million

2021 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
COVID-19 Series: Background Information (February 2021)        
Improved Management of Mobile Devices and Services Could Save the State At Least $1–2 Million Annually (February 2021)        

2020 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Better Coordination with Nonprofit Volunteer Organizations During Preparedness Can Improve Disaster Recovery (December 2020)        
Step Pay Plans Offer Remedy to Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice Staffing Challenges (November 2020)        
Options for Reorganizing the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice (November 2020)        
Lack of a Dedicated State-Level Effort Challenges North Carolina’s Capacity to Increase Teacher Diversity (November 2020)      
Department of Transportation and Council of Internal Auditing Did Not Ensure DOT Compliance with Internal Audit Act (August 2020)      
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Can Improve the Effectiveness of Its Rental Development Programs (June 2020)        
General Assembly Should Improve Oversight of Housing Finance Agency Funds and Expenditures (June 2020)        
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Should Improve Performance Management and Reexamine How It Distributes Resources to Localities (June 2020)    
NC FAST Child Welfare Case Management Software Demonstrates Adequate Functionality but Poor Usability (June 2020)        
Conveying Historic Stonewall Jackson Campus to Cabarrus County and Selling Adjacent Surplus Property Would Ensure Preservation and Be State Revenue Neutral (April 2020)   $6,400,000
Compromise Process for Resolving ABC Administrative Violations Lacks Policies and Procedures, Rationale, and Transparency, Resulting in Disproportionate Penalties (March 2020)      
Opportunities Exist to Further Ease Burdens on Military-Trained Applicants and Military Spouses in Obtaining Occupational Licensure (February 2020)    

2019 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Child Protective Services Intake Screening Lacks Consistency (November 2019)      
DEQ Working to Improve Organizational Structure and Permit Processes, But Targeted Adjustments and a Permit Performance Management System Are Still Needed (November 2019)      
Improvements Needed to Gauge Effectiveness and Expend State Funds Available for Postsecondary Financial Aid (October 2019)      
Evaluation of Efficiency and Effectiveness of State Ports at Wilmington and Morehead City (October 2019)      
North Carolina Should Focus on Early Childhood Learning in Order to Raise Achievement in Predominantly Disadvantaged School Districts (May 2019)    
Administrative Missteps and Lack of Expertise Led to Delays and $3.7 Million in Unnecessary State Spending for Hurricane Matthew Recovery (May 2019)    
Stream Restoration Projects Receive Duplicative State Funding and Inadequate Performance Management (March 2019)    
Changing How North Carolina Controls Liquor Sales Has Operational, Regulatory, and Financial Ramifications (February 2019)    
Opportunities Exist to Improve the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program and Recover $1.7 Million in Annual Costs (January 2019)    
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Should Increase Private Funding and Improve Formal Coordination with Department of Commerce (January 2019)        

2018 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Minimal Evidence Found of Service Duplication for Students with Disabilities in Schools and Communities (December 2018)      
Modifying Criteria for North Carolina’s Medical Release Program Could Reduce Costs of Inmate Healthcare (October 2018)        
Inadequate Data Collection and Cost Recovery Practices Limit Economy of Healthcare for Safekeepers (October 2018)    
Modifications to Inmate Pharmacy Purchasing and Monitoring Could Save $13.4 Million Annually (October 2018) $13,400,000
Improvements to Inmate Healthcare Reimbursement and Internal Processes Could Save $5.6 Million Annually (October 2018)
Capital Security Report (June 2018) (In accordance with Session Law 2017-57, material provided in this report is not public record)        
Opportunities Exist to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Educator Preparation Program Data Reporting System (June 2018)  
Opportunities Exist to Improve the Efficiency of the State’s Administrative Services (April 2018)    
Measurability Assessment: Transforming Principal Preparation Program (April 2018)      
VIPER and FirstNet are Vital for Public Safety Interoperability, but VIPER Requires Upgrades (April 2018)  
The System of Attorney Allocation in North Carolina State Government is Decentralized (April 2018)        

2017 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Reducing Off-Season Crossings, Adjusting Fares, and Using Partnerships Can Improve Ferry Division Efficiency (October 2017)      
Local Education Funding Dispute Resolution Process Is Effective and Economical, but Litigation Could Be Eliminated (May 2017)    
Meeting Current Standards for School Nurses Statewide May Cost Up to $79 Million Annually (May 2017)  
Options Exist for Increasing Lottery Proceeds for Education (May 2017)      
No Modification to North Carolina’s School Calendar Law Satisfies Multiple Competing Interests (February 2017)      

2016 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Most Departments’ Spans of Control and Number of Organizational Layers Do Not Meet Recommended Levels (December 2016)    
Allotment-Specific and System-Level Issues Adversely Affect North Carolina’s Distribution of K-12 Resources (November 2016)    
Medicaid Program Integrity Section is Not Cost-Effectively Identifying and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (November 2016)  
Funding for North Carolina’s Community Colleges: A Description of the Current Formula and Potential Methods to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness (October 2016)      
PED’s Review of the North Carolina Guaranteed Admissions Program (NCGAP) Report (April 2016)    
Timeliness of Medicaid Eligibility Determinations Declined Due to Challenges Imposed by NC FAST and Affordable Care Act Implementation (April 2016)  
Opportunities Exist to Increase the Accountability and Independence of the Board of Review (March 2016)      
Enhanced Oversight of Service Contracts Can Help Ensure Cost-Effective Performance (January 2016)      

2015 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
North Carolina Should Discontinue the Economic Development Tiers System and Reexamine Strategies to Assist Communities with Chronic Economic Distress (December 2015)      
North Carolina Should Centralize Management of State Employee Supplemental Insurance Benefits (August 2015)      
Unfunded Actuarial Liability for Retiree Health is Large, but State Could Save Up to $64 Million Annually by Shifting Costs to Medicare Advantage Plans (July 2015)    
North Carolina Should Dispose of Unneeded Real Property and Improve Portfolio Management to Reduce Costs (June 2015) $53,000 $6,800,000
North Carolina Should Eliminate the Use of Personal Services Contracts in Favor of Using Existing Mechanisms (February 2015)  
Implications of Funding Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment or Prevention with Alcohol Tax Earmark (February 2015)      
Licensing Processing Fees Are Inequitable; Permit DOI Vendor to Charge Different Processing Fees Based on Effort and Cost (January 2015)    

2014 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Occupational Licensing Agencies Should Not be Centralized, but Stronger Oversight is Needed (December 2014)    
DHHS Should Integrate State Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities into the Community-Based System and Improve Performance Management (November 2014)  
Overnight Respite Pilot at Adult Day Care Facilities Perceived as Favorable, but Lacked Objective Measures of Success (October 2014)  
North Carolina Needs a Coordinated Strategy to Guide the Changing Landscape of Veterans Programs (September 2014)    
Revising State Child Support Incentive System Could Promote Improved Performance of County Programs (July 2014)  
Improved Oversight of Volunteer Fire Department Fund and Volunteer Rescue/EMS Fund Needed; $8 Million Surplus Found (April 2014)   $8,000,000
North Carolina Needs to Strengthen Its System for Monitoring and Preventing the Abuse of Prescribed Controlled Substances (April 2014)  
Improved Administrative Program Monitoring by the Department of Public Instruction Can Save Over $19 Million Annually (April 2014) $4,600,000
Department of State Treasurer Should Strengthen Its Oversight of the Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund (March 2014)  
Performance Measurement and Monitoring Would Strengthen Accountability of North Carolina's Driver Education Program (March 2014)  
Revenue and Cost Trends Indicate Deficit in Volunteer Safety Workers' Compensation Fund in FY 2020–21 (February 2014)

2013 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
The UNC System Needs a More Comprehensive Approach and Metrics for Operational Efficiency (December 2013)    
Local Boards and Associations Administer Firefighters' and Rescue Squad Workers' Relief Funds with Limited State Oversight (November 2013)  
Overview of School Choice Options Provided by Colorado's Douglas County School District (October 2013)    
Centralized Fleet Operations Will Improve Management and Oversight of Department of Public Safety Vehicles (April 2013)    
Options for Creating a Separate Department of Medicaid Require Transition Planning (March 2013)      
North Carolina Does Not Track Lands Submerged Under Navigable Rivers or Know the Extent of Private Claims (January 2013)      
The Division of Public Health Should Remain in the Department of Health and Human Services. (January 2013)    

2012 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Options for the Indian Cultural Center Will Allow the Site to Meet its Cultural, Recreational, and Economic Development Intent (December 2012)   $300,000
Stronger Reporting and Management Structure Would Improve State Bureau of Investigation Vehicle Oversight (November 2012)      
Merger of the Human Relations Commission with the Civil Rights Division Would Yield Limited Cost Savings (October 2012)      
North Carolina Should Require NC Railroad Company to Pay an Annual Dividend and Strengthen Reporting (October 2012) $3,675,000 $15,500,000
Review of the Feasibility Study for Coordinating Operations of the North Carolina Research and Education Network and the State Network Infrastructure (July 2012)        
Key Ideas from Five Program Evaluation Division Reports on State-Owned Vehicles and Permanent License Plates (June 2012)  
Follow-up Report: Reviewing Eligibility for Permanent License Plates Would Strengthen State Oversight (May 2012)    
Contract Agency Vehicle Registration and Titling Services Are Cost Efficient, but Contracts Need Performance Terms (April 2012)    
Ineffective Policies and Diffuse Oversight Result in Inefficient Use of State-Owned Vehicles (April 2012)  
A Three-Year Emissions Inspection Exemption Would Save North Carolina Motorists $9.6 Million (March 2012)   $9,600,000
State and Local Improvements Needed for Workforce Development System Integration and Accountability (March 2012)  
Further Reductions to Aviation Programs Are Possible and an Aviation Management Authority is Needed (March 2012) $300,000 $4,600,000
Motor Fleet Management Uses Best Practices, but Needs Telematics to Strengthen Accountability (March 2012)  
Operational Changes for State Attractions Could Yield $2 Million Annually and Reduce Reliance on the State (February 2012)
Follow-up Analysis of Permanent License Plates Owned by State and Non-State Entities (February 2012)        

2011 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Inadequate Data and Fleet Information Management Weaken Accountability for North Carolina's Vehicles (December 2011)  
Child Nutrition Programs Challenged to Meet Nutrition Standards, Maintain Participation, and Remain Solvent (October 2011)  
Compared to Other States' Retirement Plans, TSERS is Well Funded and Its Plan Features Are Typical or Less Generous (September 2011)      
Purchasing Consortiums and Merging Community Colleges Could Save $26.2 Million Over Seven Years (June 2011)    
Statutory Changes Will Promote County Flexibility in Social Services Administration (May 2011)    
North Carolina Should Weigh Continued Investment in the Global TransPark Authority and Consider How to Repay the Escheat Fund Loan (April 2011)  
Programs for Children, Youth, and Families Need Guiding Framework for Accountability and Funding (February 2011)      

2010 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
UNC Enrollment Change Funding Formula Needs Documentation and a Performance Component (November 2010)    
Selling 25 Underutilized Aircraft May Yield Up to $8.1 Million and Save $1.5 Million Annually (April 2010) $808,000 $1,800,000
University Distance Courses Cost More to Develop Overall but the Same to Deliver as On-Campus Courses (April 2010)    
Feasibility of Restructuring Budget and Financial Management of North Carolina State Government (April 2010)      
High School Graduation Project Requirement Should Remain a Local School District Decision (April 2010)   $5,800,000 $750,000
Legislative Options for Addressing Deficiencies in State Purchasing and Contracting (April 2010)    

2009 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Special Report: Department of Environment and Natural Resources Wetland Mitigation Credit Determinations (December 2009)      
Eliminating the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Backlog Will Require at Least $549 Million (November 2009)    
Accountability Gaps Limit State Oversight of $694 Million in Grants to Non-Profit Organizations (November 2009)    
Enhanced Services Package Implementation: Costs, Administrative Decision Making, and Agency Leadership (July 2009)      
A Study of Structure and Organization of the State Board of Education, State Superintendent of Instruction and Department of Public InstructionSubmitted by Evergreen Solutions, LLC (January 2009)      
North Carolina's Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Funding Lacks Strategic Focus and Coordination (January 2009)  

2008 Reports

Report Title Legislation Proposed Legislation Enacted Agency Action Cost Savings (Recurring) Cost Savings (Non-Recurring)
Doubtful Return on the Public's $141 Million Investment in Poorly Managed Vehicle Inspection Programs (December 2008)  
Controlling the Cost of Medicaid Private Duty Nursing Services (December 2008) $395,000
Caring for Previously Hospitalized Consumers: Progress and Challenges in Mental Health System Reform (December 2008)    
Project Management Lapses and Planning Failures Delayed Court Technology Improvements (December 2008)    
North Carolina's Alcohol Beverage Control System Is Outdated and Needs Modernization (December 2008)    
Compromised Controls and Pace of Change Hampered Implementation of Enhanced Mental Health Services (July 2008)    
Improving Regional Economic Development through Structural Changes and Performance Measurement Incentives (May 2008)    
Consolidating Agricultural Research Facility Management Would Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness (May 2008)  

Key: = Achieved.