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Committee Substitute Favorable 6/13/05




Short Title:     Charlotte Interstate Loop.




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February 16, 2005


AN ACT to require the Outer loop around charlotte to be completed before any expansion lanes may be constructed.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  G.S. 136-180(a) reads as rewritten:

"(a)      Funds allocated from the Trust Fund for urban loops may be used only for the following urban loops:


Loop                                            Description                                           Counties


Asheville Western Loop            Multilane facility on new                    Buncombe

                                                     location from I-26 west of

                                                     Asheville to US-19/23 north

                                                     of Asheville for the purpose

                                                     of connecting these roads.

                                                     The funds may be used to

                                                     improve existing corridors.

Charlotte Outer Loop                 Multilane facility encircling               Mecklenburg

                                                     City of Charlotte including

                                                     6-laning of the portion from

                                                     Johnston Road/US 521 south

                                                     to I-77 south of Charlotte-

                                                     including widening, resurface,

                                                     Multilane facility on new location

                                                     only encircling City of Charlotte.

Durham Northern Loop             The projects listed below                    Durham, Wake

                                                     are eligible for funding

                                                     under this section as part of

                                                     the Durham Northern Loop.

                                                     The priorities for planning

                                                     and constructing these projects

                                                     will be established by mutual

                                                     agreement of the Metropolitan

                                                     Planning Organization (MPO)

                                                     and the Department of

                                                     Transportation through the

                                                     federally mandated

                                                     Transportation Improvement

                                                     Program development process.

                                                     The cross sections for these

                                                     projects will be established

                                                     by mutual agreement of the

                                                     MPO and the Department of

                                                     Transportation through the

                                                     State and federal environmental

                                                     review process. (1) East end

                                                     connector, from N.C. 147 to

                                                     U.S. 70 East. (2) U.S. 70, from

                                                     Lynn Rd. to the Northern

                                                     Durham Parkway. (3) I-85,

                                                     from U.S. 70 to Red Mill Rd.

                                                     (4) Northern Durham Parkway,

                                                     Section B, from Old Oxford

                                                     Rd. to I-85. (5) Northern

                                                     Durham Parkway, Section A,

                                                     from I-85 to I-540. (6)

                                                     Northern Durham Parkway,

                                                     Section C, from Old Oxford

                                                     Rd. to Roxboro Rd. (7)

                                                     Roxboro Rd. from Duke St.

                                                     to Goodwin Rd.

Fayetteville Western                  Multilane facility on new                    Cumberland

Outer Loop                                  location from US 401 north

                                                     of Fayetteville to I-95

                                                     south of Hope Mills

Gastonia Loop                            Multilane facility known                     Gaston, Mecklenburg

                                                     as the Garden Parkway,

                                                     on a new location

                                                     beginning at I-485,

                                                     extending west across

                                                     southern Gaston County

                                                     to I-85, and continuing

                                                     north to US 321

Greensboro Loop                       Multilane facility on new                    Guilford

                                                     location encircling City of

                                                     Greensboro including

                                                     interchanges with Cone

                                                     Boulevard Extension and

                                                     Lewiston-Fleming Road


Greenville Loop                         Multilane extension of                        Pitt

                                                     the Greenville Loop from

                                                     US 264 west of Greenville

                                                     to NC-11 south of Winterville

Raleigh Outer Loop                    Multilane facility on new                    Wake, Durham,

                                                     location encircling City                      Johnston

                                                     of Raleigh

Wilmington Bypass                    Multilane facility on new                    New Hanover

                                                     location from US-17 northeast

                                                     of Wilmington to US 421

                                                     in southern Wilmington,

                                                     continuing from US 421

                                                     in southern Wilmington

                                                     northeast along Independence

                                                     Blvd., and extending to

                                                     Martin Luther King, Jr.

                                                     Parkway, and including

                                                     the Blue Clay Road


Winston-Salem Northbelt         Multilane facility on new                    Forsyth

                                                     location from I-40 west of

                                                     Winston-Salem northerly to

                                                     US 311/Future I-74 in eastern

                                                     Forsyth County"

SECTION 2.  This act is effective when it becomes law.