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A JOINT RESOLUTION honoring the life and memory of eric schopler, a pioneer in the treatment of autism.

Whereas, Eric Schopler was born on February 8, 1927, in Furth, Germany, to Ernst Schopler and Erna Oppenheimer Schopler; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler and his family moved to the United States in 1938; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler grew up in Rochester, New York, and, after graduating from high school, served in the United States Army; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler completed his education at the University of Chicago, earning a bachelors degree in 1949, a masters degree in social service administration in 1955, and a doctorate degree in clinical child psychology in 1964; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler's early career included serving as a family counselor in Rochester, New York, from 1955 to 1958, as the Acting Chief Psychiatric Social Worker at the Emma P. Bradley Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1958 to 1960, and as a therapist and investigator for the Treatment and Research Center for Childhood Schizophrenia in Chicago from 1960 to 1964; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler served on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Medicine from 1964 to 2005; and

Whereas, during his tenure in the Department of Psychiatry, Eric Schloper served as an associate professor from 1966 to 1973, as a professor from 1973 to 2005, as the Director of the Child Research Project from 1966 to 1972, as the Chief Psychologist from 1987 to 1999, and as an Associate Chair for Developmental Disabilities from 1992 to 1996; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler's interest and research in autism led to the development of the first statewide program for the treatment of autism known as Division TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children), which continues to serve as a model for autism treatment programs around the world; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler served as co-director of Division TEACCH from 1972 to 1976 and as director from 1976 to 1993; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler wrote more than 200 books and articles on autism spectrum disorders and served as the Editor of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders and as a member of the editorial board of the Early Childhood Special Education, Schizophrenia Bulletin; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler was a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Association on Mental Deficiency, and the Society for Research in Child Development; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler served on the advisory board of Bitter Sweet Farms, Toledo, Ohio; Linwood Children's Center, Inc., Ellicott, Maryland; Autism Society of North Carolina, Inc.; and the Autism Society of America; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler received countless honors and awards for his work, including the American Psychiatric Association's Gold Achievement Award for Child Research Project in 1972, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's O. Max Gardner Award for contributions to human welfare in 1985, the North Carolina Award in 1993, the American Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Advancement of Knowledge and Service in 1997, the Autism Society of North Carolina's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and the American Psychological Foundation's Gold Medal for Life Achievement in the Application of Psychology in 2006; and

Whereas, Eric Schopler died on July 7, 2006, leaving to mourn his loss, his wife, Margaret Schopler; three children, Bobby, Tom, and Susie; and seven grandchildren; Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:

SECTION 1.  The General Assembly honors the life and memory of Eric Schopler and expresses its appreciation for his invaluable contributions to autism research and treatment.

SECTION 2.  The General Assembly extends its deepest sympathy to the family of Eric Schopler for the loss of a distinguished family member.

SECTION 3.  The Secretary of State shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the family of Eric Schopler.

SECTION 4.  This resolution is effective upon ratification.