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Short Title:     Implement 1898 Commission Report.



Representatives Wright, Jones (Primary Sponsors); and Parmon.

Referred to:

Judiciary III, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House.

March 15, 2007


AN ACT to implement recommendations of the 1898 wilmington race riot commission by establishing a commission to develop legislation for a restructuring and development AUTHORITY, provide incentives for business development of areas impacted by the 1898 wilmington race riot, and to increase minority home ownership in impacted areas.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  There is established the Wilmington Development Study Commission. The Commission shall study the findings and recommendations of the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission and shall submit to the General Assembly for consideration of the 2009 Regular Session detailed legislation to:

(1)       Establish a Restructuring & Development Authority including local leadership to supervise implementation of a strategic vision funded through an endowment, supported by federal, State, and local governments, as well as media and businesses, especially those which benefited from the consequences of 1898.

(2)       Provide incentives for business development of areas impacted by the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 (e.g., establish enterprise zone; create small business incubator with tax incentives to attract minority-owned businesses).

(3)       Increase minority home ownership in impacted areas (e.g., consider use of eminent domain to acquire vacant commercial properties in Brooklyn and Southside; sell properties to low-income residents of those sections with guaranteed mortgages).

(4)       Examine the broader impact of slavery, Jim Crow, and discrimination on the lives of African-Americans.

SECTION 2.  The Commission shall consist of __ members, appointed as follows:

SECTION 3.  The Commission may contract for consultant services as provided by G.S. 120-32.02. Upon approval of the Legislative Services Commission, the Legislative Services Officer shall assign professional and clerical staff to assist in the work of the Commission. Clerical staff shall be furnished to the Commission through the offices of the House of Representatives. The Commission may meet in the Legislative Building or the Legislative Office Building upon the approval of the Legislative Services Commission. Members of the Commission shall receive per diem, subsistence, and travel allowances in accordance with G.S. 120-3.1. The appointing authority shall fill vacancies.

The Commission, while in the discharge of its official duties, may exercise all the powers provided under the provisions of G.S. 120-19 and G.S. 120-19.1 through G.S. 120-19.4, including the power to request all officers, agents, agencies, and departments of the State to provide any information, data, or documents within their possession, ascertainable from their records, or otherwise available to them and the power to subpoena witnesses.

SECTION 4.  The Commission shall submit a final written report of its findings and recommendations on or before the convening of the 2009 General Assembly and may file an interim report to be considered by the 2007 Regular Session of the General Assembly when it reconvenes in 2008. Upon filing its final report, the Commission shall terminate.

SECTION 5.  Of the funds appropriated to the General Assembly, the Legislative Services Commission shall allocate funds for the expenses of the Commission established by this act.

SECTION 6.  This act is effective when it becomes law.