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Short Title:      Hypertension Awareness Day.



Representatives Carney, Murphy, Holley, and Yarborough (Primary Sponsors).

For a complete list of sponsors, refer to the North Carolina General Assembly web site.

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Health, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

March 21, 2017


AN ACT designating the third wednesday in may of each year as hypertension/high blood pressure awareness day.

Whereas, the health of our citizens is the foundation for a caring and productive society; and our future rests with our ability to treat and ultimately to prevent a variety of illnesses including high blood pressure; and

Whereas, heart disease and stroke are the second and fourth leading causes of death in North Carolina; and high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a major and modifiable risk factor for heart disease and stroke and is a major contributor to adult disability; and

Whereas, in 2015, 35.2% of North Carolina adults recalled being told that they had hypertension; and

Whereas, current awareness and treatment for high blood pressure is not adequate; and

Whereas, more than two out of every three people who have a first heart attack also have high blood pressure, and three out of every four people who have a first stroke also have high blood pressure; and

Whereas, adequate medical treatments and proven preventive health strategies that include a low‑salt diet with more fruits and vegetables are beneficial; and

Whereas, patients with high blood pressure who are treated early have a longer life expectancy; and

Whereas, education can help with early diagnosis, prevention, and better treatment; and

Whereas, the Justus‑Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, and the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians are organizations that have agreed to support Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Awareness Day, scheduled for the third Wednesday in May in 2017 and continuing in perpetuity; and these partners seek ways to improve the health of the citizens of North Carolina by improving prevention and treatment of high blood pressure through support of education, advocacy, and awareness; Now therefore,

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  Chapter 103 of the General Statutes is amended by adding a new section to read:

"§ 103‑15.  Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Awareness Day.

The third Wednesday in May of each year is designated as Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Awareness Day in North Carolina."

SECTION 2.  This act is effective when it becomes law.