Stormwater Collection Project

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Rainwater Collection
irrigation system Storage Tank
Purpose of Stormwater
Collection System
  • Use captured rainwater and air conditioning condensate to irrigate the grounds of the General Assembly complex.
  • Minimize the flow of stormwater from the General Assembly complex into Raleigh’s stormwater system.
  • Promote water conservation, stormwater control and environmental awareness in North Carolina.

Planned Use and Benefits
  • Irrigation of grounds and gardens of the Legislative Building.
  • Irrigation of isolated gardens throughout state government complex.
  • Provide water for fountains around the Legislative Building.
  • Reduction of nitrogen pollution into Raleigh’s stormwater system.
  • Provide interactive computer kiosk for building visitors to see how the cistern works, current amount of water stored and facts about stormwater pollution and water conservation in North Carolina.
System Facts
    Potential Water Supply
Estimated annual volume of water from the Legislative Building currently flowing into Raleigh’s stormwater system:
Rainwater from roof surfaces: 2,292,000
Condensate from air conditioning system: 669,000
Total: 2,961,000
    Cistern Capacity and Location
Size: 3 - 18,000 gallon concrete tanks (54,000 gallons)

Location: Below ground in southwest corner of the Legislative Building lawn
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