§ 105-241.23.  Jeopardy assessment and collection.

(a) Action. - The Secretary may at any time within the statute of limitations immediately assess and collect any tax the Secretary finds is due from a taxpayer if the Secretary determines that collection of the tax is in jeopardy and immediate assessment and collection are necessary in order to protect the interest of the State. In making a jeopardy collection, the Secretary may use any of the collection remedies in G.S. 105-242 and is not required to wait any period of time before using these remedies. Within 30 days after initiating a jeopardy collection, the Secretary must give the taxpayer the notice of proposed assessment required by G.S. 105-241.9.

(b) Review by Department. - Within five days after initiating a jeopardy collection that is not the result of a criminal investigation or of a liability for a tax imposed under Article 2D of this Chapter, the Secretary must provide the taxpayer with a written statement of the information upon which the Secretary relied in initiating the jeopardy collection. Within 30 days after receipt of this written statement or, if no statement is received, within 30 days after the statement was due, the taxpayer may request the Secretary to review the action taken. After receipt of this request, the Secretary must determine whether initiating the jeopardy collection was reasonable under all the circumstances and whether the amount assessed and collected was reasonable under all the circumstances. The Secretary must give the taxpayer written notice of this determination within 30 days after the request.

(c) Judicial Review. - Within 90 days after the earlier of the date a taxpayer received or should have received a determination of the Secretary concerning a jeopardy collection under subsection (b) of this section, the taxpayer may bring a civil action seeking review of the jeopardy collection. The taxpayer may bring the action in the Superior Court of Wake County or in the county in North Carolina in which the taxpayer resides. Within 20 days after the action is filed, the court must determine whether the initiation of the jeopardy collection was reasonable under the circumstances. If the court determines that an action of the Secretary was unreasonable or inappropriate, the court may order the Secretary to take any action the court finds appropriate. If the taxpayer shows reasonable grounds why the 20-day limit on the court should be extended, the court may grant an extension of not more than 40 additional days. (2007-491, s. 1.)