105-538. Administration of taxes.

The Secretary shall, on a monthly basis, allocate to each taxing county the net proceeds of the tax levied under this Article. If the Secretary collects taxes under this Article in a month and the taxes cannot be identified as being attributable to a particular taxing county, the Secretary must allocate the net proceeds of these taxes among the taxing counties in proportion to the amount of taxes collected in each county under this Article in that month. For purposes of this Article, the term "net proceeds" has the same meaning as defined in G.S. 105-472.

Except as provided in this Article, the adoption, levy, collection, administration, and repeal of these additional taxes must be in accordance with Article 39 of this Chapter. G.S. 105-468.1 is an administrative provision that applies to this Article. A tax levied under this Article does not apply to the sales price of food that is exempt from tax pursuant to G.S. 105-164.13B or to the sales price of a bundled transaction taxable pursuant to G.S. 105-467(a)(5a). The Secretary shall not divide the amount allocated to a county between the county and the municipalities within the county. (2007-323, s. 31.17(b); 2007-345, s. 14.5(a); 2008-134, s. 75; 2009-445, s. 18; 2016-5, s. 3.21.)