113-336. Powers and duties of the Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) To gather and provide information and data and advise the Wildlife Resources Commission with respect to all aspects of the biology and ecology of endangered, threatened, and special concern species;

(2) To investigate and make recommendations to the Commission as to the status of endangered, threatened, and special concern species;

(3) To identify and assemble experts from the disciplines of ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, ichthyology, taxonomy, ecology and other fields as necessary to serve as the Scientific Council and to charge the Scientific Council to review the scientific evidence, to evaluate the status of candidate species, and to report back their findings with recommendations;

(4) To develop and present to the Commission management and conservation practices for preserving endangered, threatened, and special concern species;

(5) To recommend critical habitat areas for protection or acquisition;

(5a) To assist the Commission in developing conservation plans for the recovery of protected wild animal species, including establishing a priority order for conservation plans and determining where groups of protected species exist in shared habitats that may be addressed jointly in combined conservation plans;

(6) To advise the Commission on matters submitted to it by the Commission which involve technical zoological questions or the development of pertinent regulations, and to make any recommendations as deemed by the Advisory Committee to be worthy of the Commission's attention. (1987, c. 382, s. 1; 2020-74, s. 22(b).)