§ 130A-153.  Obtaining immunization; reporting by local health departments; access to immunization information in patient records; immunization of minors.

(a) The required immunization may be obtained from a physician licensed to practice medicine, from a local health department, or in the case of a person at least 18 years of age, from an immunizing pharmacist. Local health departments shall administer required and State-supplied immunizations at no cost to uninsured or underinsured patients with family incomes below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty level. A local health department may redistribute these vaccines only in accordance with the rules of the Commission.

(b) Local health departments shall file monthly immunization reports with the Department. The report shall be filed on forms prepared by the Department and shall state, at a minimum, each patient's age and the number of doses of each type of vaccine administered.

(c) Immunization certificates and information concerning immunizations contained in medical or other records shall, upon request, be shared with the Department, local health departments, an immunizing pharmacist, and the patient's attending physician. In addition, an insurance institution, agent, or insurance support organization, as those terms are defined in G.S. 58-39-15, may share immunization information with the Department. The Commission may, for the purpose of assisting the Department in enforcing this Part, provide by rule that other persons may have access to immunization information, in whole or in part.

(d) A physician or local health department may immunize a minor with the consent of a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis to the minor. A physician or local health department may also immunize a minor who is presented for immunization by an adult who signs a statement that he or she is authorized by a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis to the minor to obtain the immunization for the minor. (1957, c. 1357, s. 1; 1959, c. 177; 1965, c. 652; 1971, c. 191; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1979, c. 56, s. 1; 1983, c. 891, s. 2; 1985, c. 743, ss. 1, 2; 1993, c. 134, s. 1; 1999-110, s. 2; 2009-451, s. 10.29A(a); 2010-31, s. 10.13(b); 2013-246, s. 5.)