131E-270. Medication Aide Registry.

(a) The Department shall establish and maintain a Medication Aide Registry containing the names of all health care personnel in North Carolina who have successfully completed a medication aide training program that has been approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing, passed a State-administered medication aide competency exam, and met any other requirements set by the Medical Care Commission.

(b) Before allowing an individual to serve as a medication aide, an employer shall access the Medication Aide Registry to verify that the individual is listed on the Registry and shall note each incidence of access in the appropriate business file. Employers may not use an individual as a medication aide unless the individual is listed on the Medication Aide Registry.

(c) Employers shall access the Health Care Personnel Registry prior to employing a medication aide. Any substantiated action as defined in G.S. 131E-256(a)(1) listed against the medication aide shall disqualify the medication aide from employment in any facility or agency covered by Part 1 of Article 6 of this Chapter. (2005-276, s. 10.40C(c); 2007-444, s. 4(b).)